Personal Info

  • Name: Luca Ferretti

  • Country: Italy

  • Launchpad profile: elle.uca

  • Contacts: see my launchpad profile for email/irc/jabber contacts

Current Activities

In Ubuntu

  • Take part in Italian LocoTeam works (localization, support, other...)

  • Translate Ubuntu and other launchpad hosted projects in Italian language
  • Use Ubuntu beta release when available in order to report any bug I can found Smile :)

In Other FOSS Projects

  • Member of GNOME Release Team
  • Coordinator of Italian GNOME Team and member of GNOME Translating Project

  • Tester, bug reporter and sometimes patcher for GNOME Desktop

  • Maintainer of High Contrast icons in gnome-themes package
  • Member of Translation Project

Minimal History

I switched to Ubuntu as my primary (and currently only) GNU/Linux distribution on winter 2005, but I was keeping an eye on Ubuntu starting from its first release; I performed the switch when I subscribed an ADSL service, really useful to keep the distro updated and to enjoy all packages provided.

At that time I was yet involved in Italian localization of GNOME and other FOSS project (as well as in development of GNOME Desktop and other GNOME related software), so I immediately joined the Ubuntu Italian Translation Team, aiming to help the syncronization between upstream and Ubuntu in order to have the best and the most updated localization.

Since then, I've increased my involvment in Ubuntu and expecially in Italian LocoTeam, mostly working on localization of software and manuals, but also helping other people on forum and writing/translating guides on wiki.

Currently I'm starting to explore new ways to help Ubuntu and GNOME development: by now in fact my only approach to development releases and bug fixing was my JHBuild sandbox used to test and in case provide patches for upstream GNOME Desktop, but I'm planning to replace my 5 years old PC with a new one, so I think I'll start to install Ubuntu alpha releases on virtual machine and set up a sandbox to build packages.

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

  • Luca is a great volunteer that spends most of his time in translating everything-needs-to-be-translated, he's the Italian GNOME team coordinator and also a beta tester. I'm very happy to sponsor his membership for all that work done for the Italian and International communities. -- quadrispro 2009-07-06 10:06:08

  • As a co-founder of Ubuntu-it and currently member of the Italian Community Board, I would like to leave here a testimonial for Luca. Since the beginning of his activity, Luca has been one of the most active members in the italian localization group. Further, his belonging to the italian GNOME team brought to an high-grade and integrated Luca's bug reporting activity which strongly enhanced the success of the whole community. Thank you, Luca. -- FabioMarzocca 2009-07-06 09:59:34

  • Luca is a great translator; as coordinator of Italian Translation GNOME Team his work is very important to maintain cooperation with Ubuntu Italian Translators Team. He spends many times to sync GNOME translation with Ubuntu. Heartily recommend to become an Ubuntu Member. -- bugman 2009-07-06 11:42:00

  • Luca is a driving force in translating GNOME and several free software projects. His skills and efforts still produce high quality localized software and Ubuntu users benefit a lot from Luca's work. He's also a charming person and a great community member. -- dktrkranz 2009-07-07 11:49:13

  • Luca is one of the best translator the GNOME community has, and we are proud to have him in our team too. He's also the Italian GNOME translation team coordinator, and this makes him the perfect liaison with the upstream community. His works are always high quality. As a currently member of the Italian Community Board, I highly recommend Luca for the membership. -- milo 2009-07-07 13:41:29

  • Luca is a great GNOME translator and a good judge of GTK+. He works everyday to make GNOME full supporting italian language and often he suggests new ideas to the GNOME developers to improve their works and the free software in general. He's a great member. I highly recommend Luca for the membership. -- l3on 2009-07-07 15:08:50


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