• 25 years old free software developer living in Grenoble, France
  • Launchpad ID: lucas

  • Personal homepage:

  • PhD student (very general topic: clusters, grids, peer-to-peer systems, and ways to study those cool things).

Interests regarding Ubuntu

I am a long time Free Software and Debian user (since ~1998), developer and advocate. More than a year ago, I got the chance to beta-test what was by then called no-name-yet. I've been using and advocating Ubuntu since then.

Inside Ubuntu, I work on :

  • MOTU stuff : I see universe as an interesting problem of large scale quality management, and, apart from normal MOTU work, I try to improve the processes and write tools like MultiDistroTools. Ah, am I'm also working inside [MOTU/Teams/Ruby].

  • DebianCollaboration : I think we should improve Free Software as a whole, not just the GNU/Linux distribution we are using. I started working on DCT, but this is stalled currently.

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