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Subject: Please participate in the Ubuntu Popularity Contest !

What is the Ubuntu Popularity Contest ?

The Ubuntu Popularity Contest (or popcon, in short) gathers statistics on packages installed and used by users. Once a week, the popularity-contest package submits data to a central server (http://popcon.ubuntu.com/). The data is then processed anonymously to generate the statistics available on http://popcon.ubuntu.com/.

Popcon's data is of big importance to Ubuntu developers. Using it, they know which packages are the most used ones, so they can prioritize some tasks such as bug fixing, backporting new releases, etc.

How can I participate in popcon ?

Just reconfigure the popularity-contest (it is installed by default, but disabled):

  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest

More information

* http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ , of course * /usr/share/doc/popularity-contest/README.gz * /usr/share/doc/popularity-contest/FAQ * Debian's popcon : http://popcon.debian.org/

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