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I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I study Multimedial Design and Industrial Design, I have related to many branches of design, giving equal importance to all. I love design and I like to "waste" my time on it :). Back in 2007 I discovered Ubuntu in my school days, I was finding a space and an appreciation for this community. Today I like to do different exercises designed to help the project in any way possible. I like the atmosphere and the decisions that are taken with Ubuntu in general.

My Goals

  • Contribute with more and more design to the Core Apps.
  • Contribute to the design (usability) of applications for Ubuntu.
  • Collaborate from the design to UbuConLA and other projects.

  • Contribute from the spread so that more people are encouraged to use Ubuntu.

Ubuntu community contributions

Ubuntu App Developer Showdown 2013 (Icon design)

When Ubuntu released this event, I have taken the initiative to help participants with the design of icons for a better consistency. Many of these will see the icons when installing applications in Ubuntu Touch.

You can see the icons and projects here

Ubuntu Touch Concepts (UX, GUI and Icons)

During my free time I was able to contribute to Ubuntu in the design area. I have made several designs for some Core Apps and for some community projects.

- Clock App

- Reminders App

- Weather App

- Stock Ticker App

- Music App

- Saucy Bacon

- Cliffhanger

- uShoper

- Audio Tape

- Blackjack


- Sleepy Time

- Safe Mail

-Dropping Letters

- Ubuntu Boot Screen

- Unlock Screen

The items that have no link is because they share the same album here: View album

You can see some animations on my youtube channel

Ubuntu Touch GUI Toolkit

Show more an idea is great and encouraging. Do not we all have the programming skills to do so. I have therefore contributed to the community with this pack of graphic tools, designed based on the SDK and design guidelines.

You can download it from here: DOWNLOAD

You can read the post in OMG Ubuntu

Or you can read the post on G+

UbuConLA 2013 - Opening video

I created this animated intro for "UbuConLA 2013" (based in Uruguay): Here the video

UbuCon Latin America 2012/2013

I am an active member of Gráfica Libre, collaborative design group. We had raised the possibility to take care of the graphics of UbuConLA and as a member could perform occasional graphic piece for the event. The design process is very interesting and has had a significant impact on the local community. The design began with a proposal that was made ​​to the university, had to make a brand redesign. This course was approved and used in the graph of the event. While I have provided a lot of my spare time for various graphs, note that it was a collaborative process, and many people were involved, some more, some less. But here I detail in what I have worked more.


"Lucas is a value member for the Ubuntu Community. His attitude, skills, ideas, creativity and sense of service towards all the projects he was involved clearly talks about his professional and human quality. I want more members like Lucas in this Community !!." Guillermo Lisi

"Lucas is a very talented Designer, with expertise on UX and 3D CG, contributes not only on line but also know have been envolved on IRL meetings related to open source, its great to have people like that on the local Ubuntu Community." juancarlospaco

"Lucas is the best designers, the contribution to the realization of both ubuconLA (Argentina and Uruguay) was essential for the event might as well leave it. Pushing ideas, creativity and a lot of strength to the group." Alejandro Esperon (Ratman) UBUNTU/ICONOS/microfono.png I want to write a testimonial for Lucas Smile :)

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