• Add your feedback like this w/o the bold, and then use the @SIG@ at the end of your line, look at the first post for reference

  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bugs!


Add your feedack here. -- claydoh 2010-04-22 02:13:23

  • Power button configuration is ignored, work fine in 9.10 with the KDE4.4 packages :

  • Blank screen after upgrade and reboot on intel 855gm, narf! Reenabling KMS did the trick for me. See -- freinhard 2010-04-30 12:50:53

  • The English (American) Installer Slideshow contains a couple of typos, most notably in the OpenOffice section, where it refers to other applications' document formats that are supported by OpenOffice; "include" in that sentence should be "including" -- hackwater 2010-05-02 18:11:57

  • I did an upgrade from Kubuntu 9.10 and everything works great. Thanks for your effort!
    • A few minors:
      • the AMD Catalyst 10.4 drivers are not so power efficient. The powerplay does not work very well, so the Graphic Card heats up a more than usual, and the machine chews more power
      • I had to disable Strigi and Nepomuk since they were eating up my 2GB of RAM (toghether with Firefox). Clearly the memory consumption is going up and often the swap is heavily used which makes the computer sluggish. This I see it as a problem; if you need 2GB of RAM to run 10 tabs in Firefox, Strigi, Nepomuk, and Amarok, I think we have a issue...
      On the plus: the system seems more robust and responsive than ever

      After the last updates everything is good. Memory and power consumption dropped to the same levels as in Kubuntu 9.10. Nice Work!! Give me a KDE UbuntuOne Music Store client and I will buy from you the equivalent of my CD collection in MP3s!!

  • ¬°Great work! I've been testing lucid since alpha 1 in different machines. The only unexpected trouble is in a VIA CN700 mobo, kubuntu doesn't work OFTB nor from the live cd, as kwin tries to start composite effects and crashes. (Reporting as a bug later)
    • I didn't liked of the default plasma settings: empty microblog plasmoid, message indicator applications not configured by default.
    • Kmail lacks activation of message indicator.
    • Akonadi sometimes fail at start.
    • Nepomuk, and strigi activated are a bad idea in netbook, too slow.
    • @Daniel Velasco@

  • ¬°Congratulation for that great work!! Update from 9.10 worked very well including my TV-Card, MythTV etc.
    • About the few minors:
      • my issues with Akonadi where solved with the help from here: -> chapter "Kubuntu 10.4 Upgrade"

      • Integration of GTK-Apps was better before (i.e. Rhytmbox in the Taskbar -> open menu -> now I do not get the Icons there any more but only the fallback-icon, or Evolution -> Button "Send-Receive" Icon is missing)

      • eventually install kmozillahelper-package by default or ask for it when launching firefox the first time or something like this.
  • All sorts of irritating effects from KDE4 persist:
    • Konqueror still starts up nspluginviewer, which then soaks up all the cpu and has to be killed by hand.
    • Firefox on startup pulls the focus to the desktop it last ran on, even if it was not on top at last log off.
    • When focus is suppose to default to the current window the mouse is in, the focus does not revert to the window underneath when the current window is deleted.
    • Many plasma widgets soak up all of the cpu cycles.
    • Many plasma widgets have no useful options; for example, the digital clock sometimes shows hours in 24, rather than AM/PM.
    • Many plasma widgets look bad or are unusable when in inside a panel; especially a vertical panel. My system load view, for example, is ten inches long.
    • The device notifier is extremely awkward to use, requiring precise mouse movements.
    • The notifications are often so common as to become rather irritating.

      @ubuntu-skewray@ (and I can't get this sig thing to work, either!)


CategoryUSBmodems All the packages needed to detect and install Huawei EC1261 usb modem (from Tata Indicom) should be available at some location on's website. The packages are usb_modeswitch, wvdial, kppp etc

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