Multi-Touch Support in Ubuntu

There is a market/community demand for multi-touch support on devices running Ubuntu. This page pulls together the related efforts, conversations, and current overall status. (Do note, however, that status on individual tasks is tracked in the blueprints.)

Initial Plan

  1. First stage the kernel and X driver changes within Bryce's xorg-edgers PPA...similar to how we tested nouveau support. Andy believes we should be able to enable all 7 kernel drivers for multi-touch, including N-Trig, as they are fairly self-contained.
  2. We will then have Rafi perform some initial testing of the N-trig driver and X packages to make sure the experience they provide matches his expectations. We'll also get his advice on which apps we should use to test basic single and multi-touch functionality.
  3. We can then do a call for testing in Beta 1 against the PPA. We'd specifically like those with N-Trig to test, but would welcome users of the other drivers as well as those without support to test be sure we don't introduce any X related regressions. Ironically, Brian Murray has one of the supported HP N-Trig laptops, so he will be a perfect lead of this test effort. We would leverage Rafi's expertise in addressing any bugs opened.
  4. Finally, we will assess the stability before the Beta 2 release, and decide whether or not to push the kernel and X updates into Lucid, or just put them into a PPA created exclusively for touch enablement in Lucid. Then, assuming the base enablement code stabilizes in the upstream kernel and X trees, we can push the packages into 10.04.1.


  • Bryce Harrington - X dev
  • Andy Whitcroft - kernel dev
  • Rafi Rubin - contract dev
  • St├ęphane Chatty - community dev
  • Brian Murray - QA
  • Ara Pulido - QA
  • Duncan McGreggor - PM

Project Documents


Weekly Summary Updates


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