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"Lucid Lynx, still to grow but very interesting product, we love and use it :-)" -- Cyril Roiron & Michel Cisternas, Ubuntu facilitator & integrator, State of Geneva (Education department)

"I was so amazed when i was able to attach ubuntu to our companies domain and login as a domain user that i started cheering. i'm pretty sure i was the only one in the room that understood what just happened, and it was so easy! " --Rob Coffman, Systems Administrator, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries : Arizona & Georgia

"I just created a LTSP server to network boot thin clients that can login to our domain using Likewise. If deployed i will able to give aging existing equipment a new life and save the company 10's of thousands of dollars. The process was pretty effortless considering the power of what this product gave me. " --Rob Coffman, Systems Administrator, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries : Arizona & Georgia

"With Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx I believe Ubuntu crossed into brave new territory to become a mainstream player in the Operating System world, bringing freedom and Open Source to millions around the world." -- Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager, Canonical

"Yes, they named the newest release after an 18 year old text only web browser. And?" -- Todd Jordan, Systems Administrator, Kansas City Public Library

"With Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Linux and Ubuntu reach the next level! Ubuntu IS the revolution/evolution for Linux-based OS and definitely will replace Windows as the most common OS in the future. I love Ubuntu and i think that it is on the right way...keep up the good work bringing freedom to the digital world! ;-)" -- Jan Schuermann, CEO,

"Ubuntu Lucid Lynx stands out: it incorporates the best of today's OS features, minus the greed of the corporate OS" -- Luis Stevens Guerrero, Consultant and Systems Administrator, San Francisco/Colorado/Chicago/Boston

"Ubuntu is one easy way of saying: that's how computation is supposed to be like: free, social, powerful, yet easy to handle. A big achievement towards one very important goal: open access to information for everybody. Anytime. Without compromise. Simply making the world a slightly better place." -- Markus Bösch, Student, University of Innsbruck (Austria)

"Faster than Windows 7, more powerful than OS X Tiger, and able to be modified better than any closed-source operating system. It's Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx!" -- Jonathan Ingram, U.S. Military/Network Systems Engineer

"With each iteration, Ubuntu just keeps getting better, beautiful and bigger with Lucid Lynx showing up to be the most popular Ubuntu version yet, and with good reason! Ubuntu has been my operating system since 2007 and will continue to be for many more years to come. " -- Carlo Marcelo, CSR, Startek (Philippines)

"Lucid Lynx means: Luxurious, Unique, Cool, Irreplaceable, Dashing, Legendary, Young spirit, Nice, eXtraordinary operating system." -- Dieqy Hadna, Student, STMIK AMIKOM (Indonesia)

Lucid Lynx is the one and others are none . . . this is what is felt after using it ... ---Kingringchandru, developer, Chipkidz/Firstplanet-India.

"Oh Ubuntu Lucid Lynx YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE LINUX BASED OPERATING SYSTEM. Courtesy: Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)" -- Naveed Ahmed U S, Software Engineer/ Linux System Administrator, IBM/Linux Technology Center.

"Using it at work. Had to install a few extra libs, but all my CAD tools work. Using it at home too. And I go directly to the left side for the close button now!" -- George Tom, R&D Engineer, FPGA Design Team , Tejas Networks

"Time to install Ubuntu: less than 15 min. Updating, copying data, installing all my favourite apps and miscellaneous setup: less than an hour. Awesome." -- Gerrit Niezen, PhD student, TU Eindhoven

"Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) sets a new milestone for operating systems. Simply the best choice for my studies." -- Wolfgang Jentner, Student in Information Engineering, University of Konstanz

"Ubuntu looks nice and runs smooth and sophisticated like a Mac. However, it is completely free." - Nate C., Student

"The entire Lucid Lynx distro installed to a flash drive with a 4G persistent partition flawlessly; it boots quickly on any machine I try it on; a fantastic tool and a great help." -- Gregg Rice, U of Toledo IT

"Lucid is better than Karmic. But there are some things, that user should be able to easily edit. But nonetheless, Lucid is great and I'm happy I'm using it. I discovered Ubuntu thanks to my school teacher 2 years ago. Since then, I use Ubuntu and I'm glad of it." --Stanisław Chmiela, Piarist Junior High School, Cracow, Poland

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