About me

  • I am 23 years old from spain. My first contact with free software was 5 years ago, last 4 years with diferent flavours of Debian.
  • My email and JID is xuzo at ikossi dot org
  • Nickname at xuzo (usually around #ubuntu-{es,devel,motu})
  • GPG Key: 77CBCCCF


Some years ago my LUG (Aditel) together with my University (UJI) started a Ubuntu-like proyect called Selene. An effort to make Debian easy, after some problems it was reviewed and renamed to Helios, which is a tool for build personalized Live-{CD/Flash/usb disk} and Install all in one, its still alive but very stopped.

My principal project at this moment is Eina a Gnome/Gstreamer music player similar to xmms/beep.

Some months ago NatxoMorell and I started a new project called, the local spanish site for Ubuntu Linux. I really like the philosophy and the _great_ work of Ubuntu developers.


Winslow and Macfly

Other personal projects


C & Perl programing.

Graphical Interfaces and usability related stuff (I like the Gnome project Smile :) )


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