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I do Ubuntu stuff from time to time, depending on other projects and work. I try to attend the Ubuntu Development Summits, to get to know the community, and to discuss some ideas I had in mind myself, or I got from talking with other people.

My Work for Ubuntu (2007)

I have started using Ubuntu with 5.04 / Hoary, and with the start of the dapper release cycle I got interested in packaging. For Dapper I fixed around 60 unmet dependencies in universe, most of them because of a new gnustep version. If I find some free time I triage bugs in Malone, and I also review old bug reports to ensure they have the correct status. I also added a new column to the packaging candidates page, to make tracking the Debian status and existing packages easier.

I have not done much work between Dapper Feature Freeze and July 2006, primarily because I did a lot of programming this time, but I still looked out for any bugs or new upstream versions of my maintained packages, there was simply nothing to do (just to explain the gap in my regular contributions).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend UDS at Mountain View for 7.04 / Feisty Fawn, which meant that I have not been involved in any feature development for Feisty Fawn.

Participant at UDS Sevilla.

In-active at the end of the Gutsy Gibbon cycle, and the complete Hardy Heron release cycle.

Specs I created and dicussed, but didn't find time to implement yet:

Team Membership Timeline

  • 2006/08/14: Ubuntu Member
  • 2006/08/18: MOTU Games Team Member
  • 2006/08/29: MOTU


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