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Why Linux ?

I have been using Linux since 1998! I have always enjoyed the spirit of the Open Source Movement and the various projects around it. I have been using Ubuntu as my main operating system since 2006. Back then I would dual boot but those days are long gone since the uprise of virtualization! I recently found Lubuntu and decided to finally get involved instead of just admiring. Linux is on the rise and nothing can stop that!

Elbennit Turner, 42

marietta, ga, USA
"Rise Up!!!" Atlanta, Falcons!!!

About Me

I'm self-employed. I have been for the last two years and I am enjoying life! Reading other pages especially Phill Whiteside's page, inspired me to share more of my story. My first computer was a Texas Instrument 99/4a. On that machine I learned Basic and I have been in love with computers since. I was blessed to play football in exchange for education thus, allowing me to further my passion about computers. I must say that I love all things technical / technology.

I have worked as journeymen IT / PC / Computer Technician for about 15years. I have seen computers grow from the Pentium(R) 133 , AMD(R) K5 75, Cyrix(R) 486, AMD(R) K6, AMD(R) K6-2 and ect.; to the multicore processors of today. When one meg of RAM was tops; ah the good ol days. I remember talking with some tech heads back in 1997 and the prediction of 6 gigs of RAM and 10GHz processors were the topic of that conversion. Wow, look how far techology has traveled. Back then the hardware was playing catch up to the software, now those roles have reversed. More so, they have bottlenecked as the communication between the two has peaked (hardware and software).

As I mentioned earlier I have been a fan of Linux for quite some time now and I very proud to begin this journey to become involved with such a worthy project. I must thank the first person that helped me to get started with the Lubuntu Project, Karl Anliot. I hope that my experience can lend a hand in the development process of this community. I do not know it all and I am always trying to get better as time moves on.

I'm here because I would like to make a positive impact in the Open Source Movement. Moreover, many of these projects are worthy to be involved with and I would like to help in any manner that is positive. I believe in what Ubuntu stands for in the community and how that inspired the this Linux Distribution! Thusly, making Ubuntu and all its variants a vital project in the Open Source Movement and the Freedom of Choice worldwide!!! How large is that? I look forward to meeting new kindred spirits and working together. Be Blessed!!!


Savannah State University Bachelors of Science, Computer Science, May 2000
Capella University Masters of Science, Information Technology, July 2013
Walden University Doctorate of Education, Information Technology, April 2016

Short Term Goals

1. Join the Lubuntu QA Team and start testing... Completed 9/27/12
2. Join the Lubuntu Development Team
3. Help solve some bugs
4. Help write some code

Long Term Goals

1. Become a full member of the Ubuntu Community!
2. Work for Canonical!

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