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This page is a temporary place to gather information for the design of a syslog namespace, which is needed for lxc, and in particular called out by this blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-r-lxc .

Syslog ns has been discussed before on the containers mailing list. I believe the general design decisions spelled out here:


are still the way to go.

As we don't have clone bits to spare, we need to find a new way to unshare a syslog ns. Someone recently suggested simply using a new syslog(2) command. I think that seems reasonable.

The user and network namespaces will point to a syslog namespace.

Unsharing a syslog namespace requires CAP_SYSLOG against current user ns. So creating a full container would consist of:

#define SYSLOG_NEWNS 11 child_fn() {

  • cmd = syslog(SYSLOG_NEWNS);

} main() { container_init = clone(CLONE_NEWUSER | CLONE_NEWPID | CLONE_NEWNET | ..., child_fn) }

This works because after cloning a new user namespace, you have full capabilities in your new userns.

printk by default will continue to be targeted at the init_user_ns. Most things we print out from the kernel should in fact go to the host's syslog.

for printks which we want to see in the container, a new nsprintk (which is wrapped by printk) will accept a target syslog_ns.

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