Friday, February 23rd, 10.00h UTC

New source package policy

  • Proposal: drop current requirement of 2 ACKs for new source packages from ubuntu-dev members Decision: unanimous approval

Exceptions for new source packages during Feature Freeze (FF)

  • Proposal: have motu-uvf LP team consider FF exception requests up until beta freeze (~Mar 15) Decision: unanimous approval

'Hard freeze' for universe in the last week of the Feisty development cycle

  • Proposal: during the last week of feisty cycle, require 1 ACK from an motu-uvf member prior to uploading source Decision: unanimous approval

motu-uvf LP team maintenance

  • Proposal: expand motu-uvf to 5 members (from its current 3) Decision: 4 in favor, 1 neutral

    Additional notes: Andrew & Daniel C. will join motu-uvf.

MOTU LP team cleanup

  • Proposal: turn ownership of the MOTU LP team over to the Ubuntu Technical Board (TB) Decision: 4 in favor, 1 neutral Additional notes: Stefan will initiate the cleanup. Later, discuss adding a universe-bugs LP team.

Gracefully handling developer (MOTU) "timeout"

  • Proposal: ask inactive developers every half a year (if they have not been sufficiently visible) Decision: unanimous approval Additional notes: Daniel H., Andrew, and Gauvain will process ubuntu-dev (soon to migrate [back] to motu) as proposed above.

Scheduling the next MOTU meeting

  • Proposal: Mar 6th 20.00h UTC Decision: 4 in favor, 1 absent (Gauvain had prior commitment)

Scheduling the next MOTU Council meeting

  • Proposal: Mar 16th 10.00h UTC Decision: 4 in favor, 1 absent (Gauvain had prior commitment)

MOTU/TODO updates

  • Review Universe/Multiverse bugs with patches attached (add link here) Review Debian RC fixes

    Look at UnmetDeps list (maybe file bugs again)

    Ask for rebuild test - ask for transitions that have not happened yet -> ubuntu-devel-discuss@ Review packages that FTBFS (list from lucas) Generally fix universe/multiverse bugs Tag bugs as 'bitesize' and 'packaging'

Next MOTU meeting

The next MOTU meeting will take place on Tuesday, Mar 6th, 20.00h UTC.

Next MOTU Council meeting

The next MOTU Council meeting will take place on Friday, Mar 16th, 10.00h UTC.

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