• 2010-01-08 Meeting:
    • Charlie Smotherman (porthose) was approved as a MOTU.
    • Ilya Barygin (randomaction) was approved as a MOTU.
  • 2010-01-21 MC Call
    • Pending term ends and future of the MC
      • Four of the seven members of MC have terms expiring by the end of the month
      • The DMB has not yet heard, or taken decision on community-lucid-motu

      • It would be difficult to hold an election for roles that are currently undefined, and may have no meaning
      • In light of the current uncertainty, the MOTU Council has resolved (4 votes in favour, 3 abstaining) to cease activities when these terms expire.
      • If the DMB determines that there is a need for a MOTU Council, and delegates the selection of membership in that MOTU Council to the current MOTU Council, a new selection process will be undertaken to fill the outstanding 4 seats.
    • Potential future (or lack thereof) of MOTU Council
      • To better inform the DMB in the decision process, the MOTU Council will present arguments both for and against continuation of MOTU Council

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