• motu-release members manage each Ubuntu release for those packages which belong to the Universe and Multiverse sections of the Ubuntu archive, trying to have them in a good shape for the release.
  • motu-release members coordinate packaging and quality assurance efforts for a wide range of packages, working together with interested developers to reach targeted goals.
  • motu-release members are a liaison between the MOTU community and Ubuntu release managers to coordinate package uploads and new features throughout the various stages of the release schedule.
  • motu-release transitions upload decisions to motu-sru at the time of release. In order to meet motu-release goals it may be necessary to authorize pre-release SRU uploads. motu-release will hand these over to motu-sru and assist with their verification and movement from *-proposed to *-updates.


  • motu-release or one of their delegates will review all Feature Freeze exceptions requested for packages in the Universe or Multiverse repositories, which introduce new features or substantial changes after FeatureFreeze in order to weigh the potential impact of the proposed changes on the rest of the distribution.

  • Ubuntu developers will not upload a new source package and archive administrators will not accept any package uploaded after FeatureFreeze without a Feature Freeze exception from motu-release or one of it's delegates (having been discussed at the UDS or providing a required feature are reasonable arguments for a feature freeze exception, but do not remove the need for an exception).

  • motu-release will work with Ubuntu developers and contributors in order to coordinate efforts to complete library transitions and the addition of new packages once a Feature Freeze exception has been granted for them.
  • motu-release members shall be contacted if the user interface of an application needs to change after UserInterfaceFreeze. (this only applies to seeded packages). motu-release will facilitate coordination with the documenation team. Feature Freeze exceptions for UserInterfaceFreeze will not be granted without concurrence from the doc team.

  • motu-release members can revert intrusive changes that could be disruptive to other packages in the distribution if discussions about the positive impact are not considered satisfactory by the MOTU community. The standard rule about not reverting a reversion applies. In the event of a lingering technical dispute, the TechnicalBoard will be notified and resolve the issue.

  • motu-release members do not have any actual power than is not also held by any Ubuntu Developer. All developers are responsible for the overall health and well being of the Ubuntu archive. Any developer can and should revert unsafe changes to the archive. The authority held by motu-release is a delegation from the MOTU based on the election/appointment process for motu-release members and the MOTU processes approved by MOTU.

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