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Next MOTU Meeting (details)

Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

Next Packaging Training Session (details)


Monday, January 22nd, 20.00h UTC


To get the SRU process for universe back in shape, we agreed on the following changes:

  • The member of motu-sru who gives the 3rd ACK to a package will upload it, even if the requester is a MOTU
  • Ubuntu-archive will only check if the version number is right before a package gets accepted into -proposed.

Release Schedules

After a short discussion, we agreed on the following release schedules:

  • Upstream version freeze (UVF): Feb 8th. - all new upstream versions need to get approved from motu-uvf after that date.
  • Feature Freeze (FF): Feb 22th - no more new packages after that date.

Furthermore we'll have one or two revu sprints in the time between UVF and FF.

LP and the MOTU

kiko (LP dev) had a talk with LaserJock and wants to make sure that Launchpad (LP) fullfills the needs of MOTU. To accomplish this, he wanted a MOTU representitive to work with the LP devs. LaserJock volunteered for that position and got immediately approved by us. Thus, if anyone has trouble with LP, finds bugs in it or wants to get certain issues improved for better MOTU work, he should contact LaserJock.

Universe QA

Since the qa for edgy didn't really work out, ajmitch vouched to get QA in place for feisty. Thus, he wants to have weekly TODO lists of things to work on (e.g. unmet deps, critical bugs). He volunteered to take the leadership for universe QA, and thus "grabs the whip" ;). The current list of universe QA include

  • CVEs fixed in unstable, but not yet in feisty
  • RC bugs fixed in unstable, but not yet in feisty
  • unmet dependencies
  • full archive rebuild
  • new upstream versions in unstable, but not yet in feisty

If you have suggestions for QA-topics, please get in contact with ajmitch.

Universe Translations

We deferred this topic.

MOTU school

Call for volunteers: Anybody volunteering to do a MOTU-school session? We also came up with the idea to do a short introductory session before a new point on the weekly TODO-lists begins.

next MOTU meeting

We concluded that it would be a good idea to do a MOTU meeting in regularly intervals. We also agreed on the date of the next MOTU meeting (this time with the time rotated): The next MOTU meeting will take place on

Wednesday, Feb 14th, 10.00h UTC.

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