Wednesday, February 14th, 10.00h UTC

No REVU for new packages from MOTUs

  • As it is, we always seem to be lagging behind.
  • A number of MOTUs seem to skip this step anyway.
  • It was felt that MOTUs shouldn't have the same requirements as non-MOTUs to add packages.
  • THe intended practise was that a MOTU would add a new package to REVU, whereby it would only require one ACK for upload.
  • A proposal was put forward that MOTUs should be encouraged to use REVU for new packages.
  • Tfheen was fine with MOTUS requiring no review for new packages, but if there ended up being too many rejections, he felt that it would need to be reconsidered.
  • It was ultimately decided to defir this decision to the MOTU council, which will be meeting for the first time, late next week.

Packages with debian dirs from upstream

  • ScottK was not present at the meeting, so he was unable to put forth his views on the matter, but it was quickly decided that it would be up to the packager as to what was done.
  • Sistpoty volunteered to update the MOTU FAQ.

Do we want zero-install injector?

  • The function of the package was briefly discussed, and various views were put forth as to whether it should be included in universe.
  • It was suggested to ask the archive admins to have a look at the package. Tfheen was around, and after a short examination, said it looked ok.
  • Ultimately, the package's fate will be decided once it is in the new queue.

Review UVF team/UVF process

  • Since UVF has recently come into effect, this item was put forth to confirm that the current process still works, and that the existing MOTU UVF team members are still happy to do the job.
  • Eventually, new UVF teams will be approved by the MOTU Council.
  • Dholbach, siretart, and slomo are the current MOTU UVF team members.
  • Dholbach was satisfied with how things were progressing, and he will attend to remaining UVF requests today.

Upcoming FF... Another REVU sprint?

  • The suggestion of another REVU sprint was put forward, which was unanimously agreed upon.
  • There was some confusion as to whether another REVU sprint was already scheduled, which wasn't the case, so days were proposed for another sprint to occurr.
  • The decided days were this Monday, February 19, and Tuesday, February 20.

Update TODOs

  • In short, there is still plenty to be done.
  • Lists for unmet dependencies will be created, very likely in the form of mass bug filing.
  • Dholbach noted that there was an upcoming transition, but the docs for that are not ready yet, PyDbgBuilds.

  • Merges are currently looking much better than they were a few weeks ago.
  • The rc bugfix lists that Ajmitch created also need attending to, with several grave bugfixes from Debian needing particular attention.
  • There is also the FTBFS lists.
  • And as usual, more bugfixing.
  • It was suggested to tag universe bugs as packaging, to provide an easy way for MOTU hopefuls to get involved. A universe bug sprint was also proposed to tag such bugs, but no date was decided.
  • Bug tags would be discussed on the ubuntu MOTU mailing list.

The date/time for the next meeting was defered till the MOTU council has its first meeting.

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