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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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MOTU Meeting, Friday, May 25, 2007.

Policy issues for ClamAV backports

Scott Kitterman described the issue of ClamAV versions in current stable releases as "0.90 versions [not being able to be] directly backported because they break stuff that depends on them...but the current packages have outstanding security issues that no one has stepped up to fix." At heart seems to be API breakage (hence libclamav1 -> libclamav2) and the fact that there are numerous reverse dependencies on those libs. Ming Hua raised Debian's -volatile repositories as an example to consider, and there was limited discussion regarding its and Launchpad's planned PPA feasibility. Scott's proposal to create an alternate set of backportable ClamAV source packages is documented here.

  • Several MOTU felt uncomfortable with the -alt proposal.
  • Daniel Holbach recommended that a team including Kees Cook and Martin Pitt be formed to examine the API change, to create a wiki page outlining affected packages, and to rebuild said affected packages in dapper and edgy chroots.
  • There was consensus to investigate offband following Daniel H.'s proposal and to report back via the MOTU mailing list.

ubuntu-universe-sponsors Launchpad team queue procedure

Emmet Hikory proposed guidelines for working with merge and sync bug reports to which the ubuntu-universe-sponsors Launchpad team is subscribed/assigned: "The idea is to have a standard workflow that keeps us from stepping on each others toes and helps move towards an empty queue." Brief discussion followed regarding bug report Status for "debdiffs or sync request that need some work from the submitter".

  • There was consensus to adopt Emmet's proposal immediately for the ubuntu-universe-sponsors team.
  • Emmet agreed to send an email to the ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list inviting discussion that a similar proposal be adopted for the ubuntu-main-sponsors Launchpad team.

MOTU reports/statistics

Joseph Jackson IV stated that "some people have expressed that they would like expanded stats" on "top uploaders and top 10 changed packages". Daniel H. suggested that he "put the source for the statistics generation in LP, create a product for it and ask people to file wishlist bugs on it". Joe's next item for discussion regarded culling lintian and linda statistics from buildd logs.

  • Joe agreed with Daniel H.'s suggestion.
  • Many MOTU felt a wishlist bug report against the Soyuz product would be relevant for Joe's discussion item regarding lintian and linda statistics.

Launchpad mentoring workflow

Prior, Jordan Mantha raised the issue of incorporating Launchpad's shiny mentoring system into MOTU mentoring.

  • Everyone agreed that Launchpad's mentoring is an asset, and helpful hints for using it are welcome.

Regular MOTU Q&A sessions

Daniel H. suggested that MOTU convene "regular MOTU Q&A sessions where contributors can ask questions and wiki-fy them afterwards".

  • There was consensus that the first such session be held Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 0 UTC and 12 UTC "so everybody has a chance to be there".

MOTU "cookbook"

Daniel H. proposed, in the O'Reilly tradition, that MOTU begin assembling "recipes" for assisting newcomers with "making a small change and getting a debdiff for it, ...updating a package, ...dropping a dpatch in a package, ...[and using] pbuilder to test if Build-Depends are ok". He emphasised continuing to mark bug reports as "bitesize" and to mentor newcomers.

  • Emmet responded that he had begun work in this regard, which everyone welcomed.

Next meeting time

The next MOTU meeting will be on Friday, June 15, 2007 at 13:00UTC. Hope to see you there.

Next Universe Hug Day

The next Ubuntu Universe Hug Day will be Saturday, June 2, 2007. Let's "go from zero to hero in no time"!

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