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Next MOTU Meeting (details)

Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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MOTU Meeting on UTC 00:00, July 14th, 2007.

Package Merging Policy

There was discussion about clarifying the merge policy and making it official. Things like flagging merges people don't want others to touch, what is the best way to "ping" the previous upload, were discussed. The consensus was to defer debates to next MOTU meeting, and LukeYelavich will create a wiki page for the draft proposal. AndyPrice wrote a mail to ubuntu-motu list after the meeting, and the discussion has already started.

The Future of Q&A Sessions

During discussion of next Q&A session dates, people started to question if these sessions are useful at all. JeanFrancoisGagnonLaporte proposed that a session with special goals and good timing, such as a Q&A session about merging at the start of a development cycle (before most merges happen), will be more useful. It was agreed that stopping scheduled Q&A sessions will be suggested on mailing list and discussed at next MOTU meeting.

Upcoming Events

The meeting also decided the date and time of the following regular events:

Next MOTU meeting

Following the practice of shifting 12 hours for each meeting time so that people in different timezones can have a chance to attend, the next MOTU meeting is scheduled on UTC 12:00, July 27th.

Next HUG day

The next HUG day will be July 20th. WilliamGrant will be sending announcements to mailing list, UWN, and Fridge.

Next REVU days

The next REVU days will be on July 16th and 23rd, both Mondays. StefanPotyra will be sending announcements.

Next Q&A sessions

The next Q&A sessions will be held on UTC 00:00 and 12:00, July 26th, at #ubuntu-motu.

Other Discussed Topics

The following topics were also discussed during the meeting, but with no clear conclusion drawn or decision made:

LukeYelavich suggested to make an effort to clear the remaining outstanding merges before UVF, which also triggered the merge policy discussion.

There were concerns that HUG days are not effective, and people discussed ways to attract more participants, as well as coordination with BugSquad.

People also discussed whether the current policies and procedures are too many so that they scare away potential contributors.

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