[05:01:44] <nixternal> [TOPIC] Everyone who is here for the MOTU meeting
[05:01:50] * nixternal is here
[05:02:00] * TheMuso is here.
[05:02:01] * superm1 is here
[05:02:20] * tritium is here
[05:02:52] * ScottK2 is here
[05:03:04] <nixternal> is that it?
[05:03:11] * Hobbsee is here
[05:03:27] <nixternal> alright then, first topic of the evening....
[05:03:32] <nixternal> [TOPIC] FeatureFreeze exceptions for bug fix releases: FreezeExceptionProcess says that up to Alpha 6, only releases with new features need FFes. Release team members seem unclear as to whether that remains standing.
[05:03:44] <nixternal> person here that added that?
[05:05:12] <nixternal> hrmm, I guess that can be kind of confusing
[05:05:57] * ScottK2 wrote to alpha 6 because that seemed a long way off when he wrote it.
[05:05:59] * Hobbsee would have thought that the sensible thing was until the rc freeze, it was OK
[05:06:07] <TheMuso> Hobbsee: agreed.
[05:06:08] * ScottK2 goes off to bed and will be happy with whatever
[05:06:11] <nixternal> Hobbsee: +1
[05:06:23] <nixternal> ScottK: do you agree until RC?
[05:06:46] <ScottK> Sure, but I think it's up to MOTU to decide and motu-release to execute the policy
[05:06:54] <superm1> how about up until whenever we have the big freeze that needs manual pushing from archive admins?
[05:06:59] <ScottK> Good night.
[05:07:00] <superm1> is that RC time or before?
[05:07:02] <TheMuso> superm1: Thats rc freeze.
[05:07:05] <nixternal> rc
[05:07:06] <nixternal> ya
[05:07:07] <superm1> okay then, great timing :)
[05:07:11] <nixternal> g'nite ScottK
[05:07:14] <TheMuso> Just less than 2 weeks.
[05:09:22] <nixternal> So the plan is to take FFe until RC then
[05:10:06] <nixternal> actually, that is for bug fix only updates that an FFe wasn't waranted, just a quick bug filed for paper trail purposes
[05:11:52] <nixternal> [VOTE] Extend Feature Freeze Exception for new upstream bug fixes only to RC
[05:11:58] <nixternal> +1
[05:12:03] <superm1> +1
[05:12:07] <Hobbsee> +1
[05:12:46] <nixternal> TheMuso?
[05:12:55] <TheMuso> +1
[05:12:57] <nixternal> [ENDVOTE]
[05:13:14] <nixternal> Any other items for this meeting?
[05:14:55] <nixternal> alrighty then, meeting adjourned
[05:14:58] <nixternal> #endmeeting

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