Your package was accepted in REVU -- what now?

In this document, we describe the duties of the maintainer after package has been accepted in REVU and uploaded.

When a package has two MOTU advocates at REVU, it will be uploaded to Ubuntu's NEW queue, where it will receive yet another review by an Archive Admin (AA). If the AA finds nothing wrong with the package, it will be built, and the resulting binary packages will again be reviewed. After that the package will be promoted to Ubuntu's archive.

That means that from this point on, the package goes into "Maintainer-mode" with you as the maintainer. You are no longer required to upload to REVU; rather you maintain the package via Launchpad.

A good thing for you to do would be to put yourself as a "Bug contact" for the package on Launchpad. That way, you will be notified at every bug report concerning your package.

How to fix a bug in your package

How to update your package to a new version

As your package is not (yet?) in Debian, the procedure is a bit different than "usual", where you would make a sync request for the new Debian version. Instead, you need to raise a bug at Launchpad on the package, requesting a "New upstream version" upgrade.

To the bug, you should provide the same kind of information required for a sync request, so to the bug, you must attatch the relevant parts of upstream's changelog, document possible changes in the packaging etc. In other words, make it possible for the sponsor to quickly and easily review what has happened to the software (bugs fixed are important!). Then you subscribe to that bug the Ubuntu Universe Sponsors team, who will review the package, upload it and/or communicate with you via the bug's comment system. The MOTUs will use the status bits on the bug as well; when you are expected to do something, it will be in "Incomplete" status.

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