Packages to port

This is a list of packages that currently only use information from Debian when they should use Ubuntu information when running on Ubuntu systems.

The level of effort required to make it use Ubuntu information will vary.

The Debian maintainer will usually be happy to include the patch providing it still does the right thing when run on Debian systems. Proposing the patch is a good idea as their review will be useful.

Also, for some of these packages it will be useful for people running Ubuntu to still access the Debian information. For instance some Ubuntu developers use reportbug to report bugs to Debian, so it should still be possible to do that.

Some of the packages below have been removed from Ubuntu, so you will need to retrieve the package from Debian to work on it.

  • reportbug - Should actually report bugs to launchpad rather than sending to ubuntu-users. Using apport may be the best idea.
  • reportbug-ng - Should report bugs to launchpad.
  • apt-listbugs - Should list bugs from launchpad. launchpad lacks the versioning information that debbugs has, so this may not be that useful.
  • netselect - should use a list of Ubuntu servers. See

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