Quake 3: Open Arena


  • Created: 2006-05-20 by JohnMoser

  • Contributors: JohnMoser

  • Packages affected: openarena - available since feisty


Interestingly enough, this aims to be a complete set of Quake 3 Arena data. What this means is that we can likely get any Free Q3A mods or TCs and package them with Open Arena as a base. These mods normally rely on standard Quake 3 Arena, but we can't ship those files; if they work on Open Arena, we open up a lot of options.

Added 03-12-2006 by AzraelNightwalker: Today OpenArena released version 0.6.0. It is playable, it includes Icculus Quake3 game engine so we can package it for Ubuntu. New project page:

There is a deb available:

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