Welcome to the MOTU Instant Messaging team. We are always looking for new members. Come to #ubuntu-motu on freenode if you want to join or help out.

Purpose of this Team

In despite of a nice environment for Instant Messaging Services like Jabber or also Groupware Integrated Services, we want to start to collect some good software and provide a structure for it for Ubuntu.


  1. Create a IM Platform, base for this will be the standard implementation of a XMPP Server, named jabberd2 or ejabberd

  2. Provide packages for several jabber/xmpp components, which are running together with jabberd2
  3. Integration of Jabber and VOIP (links are following)
  4. Regular updates to IM Clients like PSI, Kopete, tkabber, gaim, gajim
  5. Solutions for integrating jabber in groupware solutions (hula, kolab2)


How to help / Ongoing Tasks

  • Write documentation how to setup a stable and fast jabber server with existing software running on Ubuntu Linux
  • Testing new services, clients, server applications
  • Using Jabber on daily basis Smile :)

Specs for [[|UbuntuBelowZero]]

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