Scott Henson

Who am I?

Scott Henson

GMAIL: (for purposes though I do check the email as well)


AIM: sjh24wvu

Jabber: (Not avaliable yet for s2s due to needed dns entry)


I am an undergraduate student at West Virginia University in the United state. I am majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I am currently employed by the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the same university as a Senior System Administrator. I currently maintain a high availability cluster for departmental services. I am also one of the chief architects of our cluster management system, which we are still actively developing on.

For more information see my evil PFY JohnEckersberg.

I may one day apply my evil skills acquired durring the creation of the above system to AutomatedInstallations and various other BreezyBounties. But then again we may also put all that up on for all to see and freely benefit from. Either way, we are using a custom Ubuntu distribution to support our high availability cluster in a very intelligent and easy to use manner.

Stuff I've done for Ubuntu

Mainly I've been sorta active on the mailing lists, but I plan to expand my involvement in the near future. As a result I've created this wiki page to chronicle my journeys.

I am currently a member of the Bug Squad and I have submitted a few patches to fix bugs. I have a few packages in universe I'm interested in. This includes ikiwiki and request-tracker. Its funny that I'm interested in them and I hate perl. I'm very good with python now. I'd also like to get Tracks into ubuntu.

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