The MOTU Digital Photo team



  • Release and keep up to date Digital Photo related packages.


  • Have an uptodate ufraw package with exif support (licence problem from dcraw)
  • Resolve license problem for dcraw #86480

  • Package more en more

Color Management

The license needs be sorted out before thinking shipping them.

Build Status


FredericLespez : ArgyllCMS 0.70 beta7 has been packaged for Mandriva by Frédéric CROZAT (See this entry on his blog). By looking at the RPM spec file, I managed to build it on Gutsy. I have not the necessary knowledge to create a deb, but may be somebody could use the spec file to create one ?
The SRPM package con be found here

HannoStock : I built hugin from SVN using the new cmake build system. If somebody else is working on this or is interested in collaborating, please contact me. Experimental packages can be downloaded from my ppa. The hugin team is about to release a new version in the next few weeks.


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