Approval Application for the Macedonian LoCo Team

Key Details


Plans for future activities:

  • Localization - We have some plans to reorganize in order to get more translations IN from GNOME upstream and also involve some of the newer members in the process.

  • Ubuntu for Macedonia - We have future plans for moving our wiki homepage to


Most of the members of this team were involved in the localization of Ubuntu since the beginning. Others have been working on offering free support, holding presentations and other advocacy activities.

  • Localization - We've already translated most of Ubuntu in Macedonian. ( )

  • Ubuntu mirror - We've setup and are currently maintaining an unoffical local Ubuntu mirror. It's been actively used by Ubuntu users from Macedonia since Ubuntu Dapper. ( )

  • Ubuntu for Macedonia - In 2005 Free Software Macedonia (our mother organization) started a campaign called "Ubuntu for Macedonia". We distributed 1000 Ubuntu CDs from accross the country (population is 2 million people). The campaign continues in 2008 with the creation of the web forums called "Ubuntu for Macedonia". The forums are located at We just launched a competition on our forum ( - everyone that will contribute with 2 HOWTO's or help find 4 simple solutions to the existing issues on the forum will get an Ubuntu t-shirt.

  • Ubuntu in public schools - We are also indirectly involved in the Macedonian government's project for deployment of Ubuntu on every PC in all primary and secondary schools in Macedonia. We are responsible for the maintenance of the translations of GNOME/Ubuntu - these translations are going to be used by every student in Macedonia.

Links per activity: (Sorry but most of them are in Macedonian)

Other links from team members:

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