The Mactel-Support Team is dedicated to advancing support for Intel CPU based Macintosh computers and their associated hardware in Ubuntu.

This is an open group for all Mactel (Intel Macintosh) users to join, share ideas, find and report bugs, and help with support issues. This is a 'community' where any person with an Intel Mac can feel welcomed and find a friendly atmosphere with help, information, and encouragement. We encourage anyone with a Mac to help.

The idea is that solutions, information, and support through this community will hopefully lead to fixes and software created by the Mactel-Support Team in launchpad: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mactel-support. This team will consist of more technical members of the Mactel community that actively fix bugs, develop specialized packages and keep them updated, and create software for Mactel users. Some of the issues we hope to solve are the "out of the box" scenarios that may exist in Ubuntu, despite the best efforts of Ubuntu users and developers. One of the issues encountered is that each "mactel" machine has it's own tips and tricks, when essentially each generation are extremely similar (macbook and macbook pro are mostly identical hardware).

Reported bugs affecting Mactels found in launchpad, or submitted can additionally be set as affecting the "mactel-support" project. This will make it easier for other members of the community to find bugs, and offer advice, solutions, or additional information in support of the bug report as well as notify members of the mactel-support launchpad team.

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