Thank you for joining the Mactel support team!

You probably wonder

  • what to do first
  • where to find resources
  • how to communicate with the group
  • how to make contributions

Have a look at our team page. If you like, make yourself comfortable with the guidelines and the discussion thread. The team page provides a ToDo-list and a matrix that links to the wikis we work with. If you like, you can put your Mac into a list of the existing hardware we have in our team. In this way we get an overview on which wikis the members are working.

If you want to know, how to contribute to the group, just ask, have a look at the ToDo list or develop your own ideas. We would be happy, if you left a note in the discussion thread. This way you can find out, if someone else is working on the task you picked, or if any team member can provide you with additional information.

You are also welcome to add your own ideas to the ToDo list.

You may go through the wiki of your own Mac to find out if it can be improved. The hardware wikis are not directly linked to our group. They reside in the user help space. You don't need to communicate changes you like to do in the hardware wiki to the team. If you do so anyway, this is very welcome. There are probably group members in here, who also contributed to "your" wiki or might know about the particular problems related to the respective hardware.

To keep track of the group work you might want to subscribe to the pages listed under "Quick links" above.

Thank you in advance for contributing to our team and welcome to the group!

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