"Madpilot" is Brian Burger's username or nick on various online activities, including #ubuntu on IRC.

I'm actually a pilot, not actually insane, and doing my best to have Ubuntu's wiki make sense from the perspective of someone who's only been using Linux since late May 2005.

Prior to May I ran Windows XP for a while, and Win98SE for 5 years before that. I've become a thorough convert to the Linux home desktop - it really does work, full time and Windows-free!

My main email is blurdesign at gmail dot com; alternately try yh728 at victoria dot tc dot ca.

I'm fairly fluent in HTML and CSS, starting to learn programming (PHP, Python, a bit of Perl & Javascript), and do a bit of web development for fun and extra income. I maintain a website at although there is really nothing about Ubuntu there currently.

Oh, and the airplane on the left is a Cessna 152, one of the ones I fly. It's owned by the Victoria Flying Club. I took the photo it's based on at the Hope, BC airport a few summers ago, and edited it in Inkscape & the GIMP on Ubuntu.

I signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct on October 23, 2005, and can now call myself an Ubuntite.

On Jan. 10 2006 I was made an Ubuntu Member by the Community Council, which is cool.

My Launchpad page, although there's not a lot there that isn't also here.

I'm a volunteer on the DocumentationTeam and WikiTeam, mostly contributing to this wiki. I'm also on the CanadianTeam, and follow the ArtTeam and MarketingTeam's activities when I've got time.

Ubuntu Canada: I'm currently the webmaster & default chief editor for Ubuntu Canada's website. I also created the Ubuntu Canada logo in a moment of inspiration.

I've created an Ubuntu.CA CD insert that CanadianTeam members can print out, cut up and insert in the Shipit CD sets they give away to promote the LoCo. I've still got to gather up the source pieces of that document (Scribus file, SVGs, etc) and package them up to make a proper release of the CD insert which can be adapted by other groups. (It'll be CC-BY-SA licensed)

On The Wikis: I've done lots of editing and proofreading all over. My nick crops up semi-regularly in RecentChanges, and I've been active in moving stray documentation off this wiki on the new documentation one.

Lately I've been adding screenshots where appropriate - pictures being worth lots of verbiage and all.

On The Docs: I'm one of the maintainers of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide for Dapper; I was part of the massive upgrade of that document, and I helped with the Kubuntu Desktop Guide, which is a fork (spoon?) of the UDG.

IRC: I spend a fair bit of time on #ubuntu and some of the other Ubuntu IRC channels as well, helping where I can. At least half of being helpful on #ubuntu is knowing how to use the resident bot - ubotu - because so many of the problems recurr again and again... Because I'm insane, I volunteered as an operator/moderator on #ubuntu in Feb. 2006 - trust me, being an IRC op is a lot less fun than it sounds!

Similarly, I've also been loitering in the Ubuntu Forums, especially the Absolute Beginners section, where I learn at least as much as I (attempt to) teach...

And yes, I'm related to CoreyBurger, who is my younger brother. I don't file as many bugs as he does.


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