I, Mahyuddin Susanto, apply for universe-contributor.


Mahyuddin Susanto

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Who I am

  • I'm 25 geek come from Indonesia, i'm electrical enggineering with informatics contentations.

My Ubuntu story

  • I use since Dapper, before using Ubuntu i use Debian woody and Suse. i'm interest at packaging since 2007, and i was working packaging stuff at blankonlinux (Ubuntu based) which modify packages coming from Ubuntu and Debian. i was modify a lot a packages (if i'm not forget) like: firefox, openoffice( not yet because we have package to rebranding it), debian-installer (not yet supported since BlankOn 5). I have a own package:

    Now i have maintained sabily-packages and other packages coming from debian-islamic

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm very proud of

Areas of work

  • Themes/font related
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla extensions
  • Server Packaging related
  • Library problems

Things I could do better

  • Make contribution to upstream
  • Always log in in irc and communicate each others to upgrading knowledge
  • I'm sloppy!
  • Improving my english Smile :)

Plans for the future


  • I want help beginners about packaging, because i have problems when i start contributing into Ubuntu development. especially who don't speak English
  • Make better documentation! yes i have problem at at beginning. example changelog stanza what we must and what me must not write into changelog.

  • Spend times at mailling list or irc, most discussions into other is one way to improving knowledge

What I like least in Ubuntu

  • I think mentoring program is not active now, we have own lists and why we don't use it?
  • fixing more FTBFS/merge/sync


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.


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Stefano Rivera

General feedback

Haven't done many sponsorships for Mahyuddin yet, hopefully there will be more, but he's been active on IRC, and making good progress on the linker-change induced FTBFSs.

Specific Experiences of working together










I let a poor changelog entry slip through




Another poor changelog entry

Areas of Improvement

I should have edited both changelog entries on upload. Mea culpa. The work was fine, otherwise.

I'd like to see some more merges, Mahyuddin definitely needs some practice here.

Doko prodded me, as Mahyuddin was not tagging patches forwarded to Debian correctly. It looks like he's now getting to grips with it.

Artur Rona

General feedback

I sponsored only 1 patch for Mahyuddin. His work had to be improved. However, I see that Mahyuddin is active contributor and helps fixing FTBFS with binutils-gold. I can't say too much about his skill, because majority workload has been sponsored by Bhavani Shankar and he could say more. Summarizing, I'm 100% for towards this application. Mahyuddin can start his development career by being Contributing Developer.

Specific Experiences of working together










Didn't know what is the merge, patch system fail, poor taking care of debian/changelog.

Areas of Improvement

Get more expierence with merges. Be more pedantic - sentences starts by uppercase and ends by dot. Write DEP3 tags correctly.

Bhavani Shankar

General Feedback

I think Mahyuddin puts in a lot of effort on submitting patches to the sponsors queue especially on the binutils-gold FTBFS side of things and I think he has improved in his contributions as time progressed. +1 for Artur's comment above

Specific Experiences

As said by Artur and the list above I have sponsored majority of his work I guess but he needs more experience with merges and syncs and I remember commenting about the sync process on 1 or 2 bugs, for instance:

and in one case he blindly merged a package from Merge-o-matic where desktop-file validation which was the only ubuntu change failed with desktop-file-validate which he corrected later giving a typical quick response

Areas of Improvement

Whilst I appreciate his enthusiasm, working less i.e one or two bugs a day would really help Mahyuddin to gain a better background on ubuntu development sphere I guess rather than mass reporting similar kind of bugs and working on them by which what I am trying to say is by taking small chunks of work at a time he can concentrate on different other processes of ubuntu development and gain further insight into the same rather than stereotypical stuff. So I encourage him to get involved in merges syncs and perhaps have a look at updating packages to the latest upstream version and so on. Apart from that I reworded/reformatted every changelog entry of his during each upload which Mahyuddin is improving as time progressed I think.


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
''Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.''
=== Areas of Improvement ===


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