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## page was renamed from Udienz
## page was renamed from MahyuddinSusanto
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Mahyuddin Susanto '''Launchpad''': [[|Profile]], [[|Recent Activity]], [[|Code i maintained]], [[|Related Bugs]], [[|Translations]], [[|Answer Related]]
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= Personal Information =
 * '''Name''': Mahyuddin Susanto
 * '''Country''': Indonesia
 * '''Time Zone''': Asia/Jakarta
 * '''Age''': 25
 * '''Email''': {{{udienz at}}}, {{{udienz at}}} and {{{udienz at}}}
 * '''IRC nickname''': {{{udienz}}}
 * '''Gtalk''': {{{udienz at}}}
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i may never find all the answers. I may never understand why, I may never prove. What I know to be true, But I know that I still have to try. If I die tomorrow, I'd be allright Because I believe That after we're gon, The spirit carries on Move on, be brave (Dream Theater) == Contributions ==
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Mahyuddin Susanto, Menggunakan nickname udienz di internet, lahir di Boyolali 4 juni 1985. Bertempat tinggal di Kartasura, Solo. Lulusan SDN Sambon 2 Banyudono Bayolali (1997), SMP Al-Islam 1 Surakarta (2000), SMU Al-Islam 1 Surakarta (2003). Sekarang ini masih menempuh kuliah di Teknik Elektro Universitas Jember angkatan 2003, dan menjadi asisten UPT-TI Universitas Jember  1. Ubuntu Indonesia related
  * Moderator at Ubuntu Indonesia [[|Mailling list]]
  * Admin at Ubuntu Indonesian [[|Website and Server]]
  * Coordinator at [[|Ubuntu-id Translations]]
  * Indonesian Ubuntu Staff as Secretary
  * Creating, packaging and maintaining Indonesian Ubuntu Loco product as known as [[|BlankOn Linux]]
  * [[|Ubuntu Member]] at past time
  * Active at{{{#ubuntu-id}}}
  * Distribute CDs Images and DVDs Repository
 1. Debian Related
  * Member at [[|Debian Website team]]
  * Member at [[|Debian Documentation project]]
  * Administrator at [[|Debian Indonesia]]
 1. Developer project
  * Maintainer [[|Aspell-id]]
  * Developer [[|Reprepro]]
  * Providing personal backports package at [[|my PPA]]
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Aktif juga di Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektro dengan menjabat sebagai Sekretaris I (2004-2005); Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa Elektro sebagai Ketua Umum (2005-2006, 2006-2007); Badan Eksekutif Mahasiwa sebagai anggota Litbang (2004-2006); Kerohanian Islam Teknik sebagai Sekretaris Umum (2004-2005) dan Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah komisariat Tawang Alun ( Universitas Jember sebagai Sekretaris Umum (2005-2006), Ketua LPP (Lembaga Pers dan Publikasi) (2006-2007). == Future Plans ==
My Future plans? just simply, provided documentations, and more contributions to community
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Email : == Exceptions ==
 1. Poor in English, only native English
 1. Unstable Internet Connections, because i use mobile connections
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Website : .


= See Also =
 . CategoryHomepage

Launchpad: Profile, Recent Activity, Code i maintained, Related Bugs, Translations, Answer Related

Personal Information

  • Name: Mahyuddin Susanto

  • Country: Indonesia

  • Time Zone: Asia/Jakarta

  • Age: 25

  • Email: udienz at, udienz at and udienz at

  • IRC nickname: udienz

  • Gtalk: udienz at


  1. Ubuntu Indonesia related
  2. Debian Related
  3. Developer project

Future Plans

My Future plans? just simply, provided documentations, and more contributions to community


  1. Poor in English, only native English
  2. Unstable Internet Connections, because i use mobile connections

See Also

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