Main Inclusion Report for libvoikko


1. Availability: , builds on all platforms

2. Rationale: Libvoikko is a (Finnish) spell-checking library. Voikko (as a whole) is the only open source solution for a good quality Finnish spell-checking. myspell, aspell, ispell, hunspell just do not handle it well enough for general work. Thus it is related to the Ubuntu's core philosophical ideal nr. 2: "Every computer user should be able to use their software in the language of their choice."

3. Security: No CVEs or other security issues.

4. Quality assurance:

5. Standards compliance:

  • debhelper packaging.
  • FHS met.
  • Debian policy/ies met.

6. Dependencies:

7. Comment: The main goal is to have libvoikko/tmispell-voikko/ as an official part of the Finnish language support in Ubuntu, supporting ispell and libenchant (tmispell-voikko) and More is coming (like Mozilla support). With the Voikko support integrated, the following packages may be removed from language-support-fi dependencies: myspell-fi, aspell-fi, wfinnish. And the binary packages to add there include at least voikko-fi, libvoikko1, tmispell-voikko, libenchant-voikko and


MartinPitt: approved

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