Main inclusion report for tdb


1. Availability:, compiled on all arches.

2. Rationale: build dependency of debtags

3. Security:

  • No CANs.
  • No Secunia record.
  • libtdb1, tdb-dev: no executables.

  • tdb-tools: No executables which run with elevated privileges.

4. QA:

  • Installation:
    • libtdb1, tdb-dev: only a library, no end user tool.

    • tdb-tools: command line tools, but no manpages, no documentation.

  • Bugs: no showstopper Debian bugs.
  • No special hardware interaction.

5. Standards compliance:

  • Standard debhelper packaging.

  • FHS met.
  • Does not meet library policy: wrong package name tdb-dev, should be libtdb-dev.

  • Does not meet Debian Policy: no manpages.
  • Source package is a mess, lots of undocumented patches in the diff.gz.


MartinPitt: Okay security-wise, but maintaining this package will not be enjoyable. I don't like to see tdb-tools in main. libtdb1 and tdb-dev in main is fine for me.

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