Main Inclusion Report for unionfs-fuse


  1. Availability:; available for all supported architectures

  2. Rationale:

    • The 2.6.30 kernel currently in Karmic has no union filesystem support. It sounds as if proper VFS-level union mounts are likely to land for 2.6.31; however, we need a stopgap for the meantime in order to have desktop CDs for Karmic alpha releases. I've made the changes necessary for this to work (based on experiments with a modified Jaunty desktop CD).
  3. Security:

    • CVE entries: none

    • Secunia history: none

    • unionfs-fuse will run as root to implement the root filesystem on the desktop CD.
    • No network activity or network data handling.
    • Processes binary data although only at the filesystem level.
    • ColinWatson has done a brief source code review in the process of making it work. It seems reasonably well-structured and easy to find your way around, assuming that you understand FUSE to some degree.

  4. Quality assurance:

    • Works out of the box without configuration.
    • No debconf questions.
    • Debian bugs: some, although I think nothing major. I wouldn't want to use this as a permanent solution although it seems to be a reasonable stopgap.

    • Maintenance in Debian is moderate.

    • Upstream is reasonably vigorous.

    • I can't find an upstream bug tracker.
    • No direct hardware access.
    • There is a test suite (which passes) although it is not run at package build time.
  5. UI standards:

    • No user interface requiring translation.
  6. Standards compliance:

    • Seems to comply with the FHS and Debian Policy; the package is very simple.

    • debhelper packaging; quilt patch system.
  7. Dependencies:

    • Just libc and fuse, all in main.
  8. Maintenance:

    • Required maintenance is likely to consist of fixing any incorrect behaviour discovered on Ubuntu desktop CDs. The Ubuntu installer team and other core developers interested in the desktop CD will take care of this.


MIR bug:


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