exchanging the graphics card

Read first! the Hardwaredatabase from your Distribution before you Buy Hardware(1). The problem of incompatible Hardware(2) is not Linux. Some Manufacturs wont contibiute **nx OS. Consumers can to decide witch manufacturs hardware he/she buy. In my office stand an PII 333 MHz CPU whit 256 MB-RAM as an LAN Server. I splash out a fast SATA HDto, the Only Modfification. He has Apache Webserver, MySQL and LDAP. For test customers websites he works fine. Check it out whit Closed Source!

Backup your Old Xserver Settings file. whit the command: $sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak (More over Xserver at the Links)

The PC who change the GraficCard was "shipt out" with Grafic OnBord. And we installt UBUNTU 7.10 at the first Time whit the G-Chio on Board. After few time we exchanging the graphics card. The Motherboard (BIOS) recognition the Card on the PCI Express-Slot. UBUNTU starts with the BOOT Log output. The OS also recognition the new Card and starts an low graphic "GUI" to reconfigure your Xserver. You set the new settings, can Test the new Settings and if you see a Desktop- safe the new Settings. Your must restart your Xserver. In our case we install an NVIDIA GChip 7100LS after your restart the GNOME (here Version 2.20) ubuntu quest if you want to use the "Closed Source" Driver developed by NVIDIA. You Dont need this Driver for "normal use" e.g. write Office Documents or read/write Emails or many Open Source Games. Some (Closed Source or Powerfull 3D) Games need the NVIDIA Driver & in my opinion: Compiz (3D Desktop) works better (stable) whit the NVIDIA Driver.

* (1) Its a question of philosophy as you buy anything. run to the "i am not stupid"-market an make a "buy&run" or you think about questions how i need a pc and what will i do with my pc.
* (2) for incompatible Hardware please look at the Hardware-Blacklist UBUNTU:Hardware Blacklist;

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UBUNTU Hardware Database (DE)
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===data set===

  • PC:

INTEL(Trademark) Core Duo 2,6 on an MSI Motherbord
2084 MB RAM / Graficcard "onBord"
G-Card (to cange):

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