My name is Vadim Nevorotin, I'm a system administrator from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I've used Ubuntu for several years and now try to help with promotion of this OS.

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

I'm a member of Ubuntu Russian LoCo and I'm in charge of several different tasks:

I also try to help users with Ubuntu:

I'm an author of Ubuntu Russian Guide This project was started before the official Ubuntu Manual and I'm planning to continue my work on it. Now I'm trying to complete the Lucid version of this guide.

I'm also an active bugreporter, translator and so on.

Current plans

Now I'm planning to finish Russian Lucid Guide and to help with some tasks.



  • Vadim is one of the key members in Russian Ubuntu LoCo Team. He did a lot of contribution into LoCo work, our on-line resources and helped many Ubuntu newcomers by means of his great Guide and personal answers at forum. -- dmitry-agafonov 2010-05-12 14:30:54

  • Vadim Nevorotin as a leader of Ubuntu Russian Wiki team, make a big contributions to represent a knowlege of Ubuntu specific tecnologies in Russian comunity. -- po-sergey 2010-05-18 04:30:54


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