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  • Ubuntu I am a long term user of Ubuntu, started using Ubuntu since Warty Warthog. I am a full time Ubuntu kernel developer, I worked on Jaunty, Karmic, and Lucid Kernels. My areas of focus are: improving suspend/resume, bluetooth support, audio, and also kernel testing. I have held workshops at major Linux Conferences to test hardware compatibility with Ubuntu Kernel. I have triaged and fixed numerous kernel related bugs, and also added new device support in the kernel. I update the ubuntu/ delta in the Ubuntu kernel tree for every release. I wrote a test suite to test commonly used features of Ubuntu kernel git clone git:// master

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Make Ubuntu every humans choice of operating system.


Manoj has been a valuable asset on the kernel team and has really improved the testing tools we have available for testing hardware compatibility. He has been instrumental in a lot of the hardware testing that has been done at various conferences using bootable USB sticks. I recommend him for Ubuntu Membership - SteveConklin

I have had the opportunity to work with manoj at the UbuCon's at Atlanta 2009 and SCale 8x. He helped create the "will Ubuntu Run" on my computer testing tools that were used in Atlanta, SCaLE and Texas Linux Fest. Manoj is always keen to help where and when he can in the community and always with a smile and willingness to learn as well as teach. He is never patronizing to the novice Ubuntu User and always creates a welcoming sense when dealing with the community. +1 for Ubuntu Membership from me. -- akgraner 2010-05-27 20:45:03

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