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Mantas Kriaučiūnas

  • Main programmer and maintainer of Baltix (Ubuntu derivative, Desktop and Server variants) and Educational software collection (Ubuntu-based operating system + software for Windows in one DVD for Lithuanian schools/universities (contains Science/Research, Education, Creativity/Games, Office, Internet, Programing, System tools and other software, see and for more info).

  • Programmer : C, C++, Python, Java, SQL, also have some shell and Ruby programing knowledge
  • Developer of the Baltix, Ubuntu, Debian, Morphix and maybe some other open source projects Wink ;)

  • Collaborator in many distros like Ubuntu, Debian, (G/K)noppix and Morphix (and more)
  • Active translator of free software into Lithuanian language.
  • Lecturer and consultant.
  • Board Member of non-profit public organization "Open Source for Lithuania" ("Atviras Kodas Lietuvai", see )


  • Live systems
  • Installation systems
  • Hardware detection and databases
  • Branding and distros derivatives
  • Ubuntu (and other Debian-based), also distros for Baltic states.

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

  • Lots of activities in bug reporting and bug tracking.
  • Translating Ubuntu and writing documentation about Ubuntu in Lithuanian language.
  • Patching and collaborating with Ubuntu developers (through Launchpad, IRC and mailing lists).

Contributions to Ubuntu and Debian projects


Main my jobs are:

  • consultation and teaching of public, educational and business organizations, also private people about Ubuntu, Debian, and other free software, helping to migrate desktop and server computers from non-free software to free sofware.

  • developing customized operating systems with Linux kernel.

I have experience with patching, packaging (.deb or .rpm packages), backporting and maintaining open source software.

Future plans

  • Continue active collaboration with Ubuntu, Debian and other free software projects and local (Lithuanian) teams.
  • Include all possible improvements from Baltix to Ubuntu and Debian
  • Continue to organize and participate in various local events, installfests and conferences about free-software and open standards.


  • I strongly recommend this person, because he is full time open source hacker and main developer of Baltix distribution, made on top of Ubuntu. During Baltix development most of bug fixes and enhancements returns back to Ubuntu. – MantasZimnickas

  • Mantas has been a regular contributor on #launchpad, and has shown passion and integrity in working on Baltix. - SteveAlexander

  • By bugging constantly about the status of cd-recording development, he hurried up some of the fixes and improvements into various cd-recording GUI's - MarioDanic

  • Mantas has been around for a long time, helping with bug triage, reporting, and management. - MartinPitt


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