Mantas Zimnickas


Contributions to Ubuntu

My contributions to Ubuntu mostly related with support on forums, IRC, articles, tutorials and news writings on web site or my blog, administration and keeping an eye on most Lithuanian Ubuntu related resources and all kinds of organizational activity (release parties, meetings, ...).

Currently I'm administering these resources:

Numbers of my activity online:

My contributions by date:

Future plans

  • Re-approve Lithuanian Ubuntu LoCo

  • Organize future Ubuntu release parties
  • Drive Lithuanian Ubuntu LoCo

"Ubuntu Member" recomendations

  • Since the Lithuanian Ubuntu community has taken its first steps, Mantas was one the most active members of the community. His organizational and communication skills, envolvement in local projects made a huge impact on spreading Ubuntu in Lithuania. Since I stepped down from managing Lithuanian LoCo, Mantas took over my role and made a lot of positive changes in organizing community work, events and support for new users. If there is anyone in Lithuania who deserves to be recognized by global Ubuntu community and become an Ubuntu Member, for sure it is Mantas. - TomasŽeimys (Ubuntu Member till 28th May 2010)


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