About Me

Name: Marc Deslauriers

I am from Lévis, Québec, Canada, and work for Canonical Ltd. as a Ubuntu Security Engineer.

I have been a core-dev since November 2009, and aim to make Ubuntu the most secure operating system without sacrificing usability.

Ubuntu Contributions

My launchpad page contains a list of bugs and packages I'm currently working on. This page contains some additional package information.

A list of Ubuntu Security Advisories I've published is available here.

I am one of the main contributors to the Ubuntu CVE Tracker and the QA Regression Testing tools.

To know what my plans and ideas are for Ubuntu, please consult the Security Team Roadmap.



I first started using Linux in 1997, when I bought a book and it had a CD of Turbolinux inside. Impressed with it, I started trying out Debian and Red Hat. A few weeks later, a server I managed that was running Unixware was being used as an unauthorized smtp relay, so I temporarily installed a Linux server to handle the load. Of course, the temporary Linux server became the production server and Unixware was migrated off the other production servers not long after that.

For the next few years, I became an open-source and security consultant for a large telco, and a consulting firm specialising in computer security.

When the vendor of a popular Linux distribution I was using discontinued their free product and started producing "Enterprise" versions, I participated in a "Legacy" project who's mission was to publish security updates for their now unmaintained free versions.

Unhappy with the now persistent alpha-quality of their free version, I searched for a new distribution to use and to recommend to people.


I first tried Ubuntu when Breezy Badger came out, and was immediately impressed with the large quantity of packages in the repositories. For the previous Linux version I was using, I had to maintain a large number of packages for my own use in order to get everything I needed. With Ubuntu, everything was already in the repositories, save for a few exceptions.

I then started learning how to make .deb packages for the few exceptions that I needed.

Contacting me


IRC: mdeslaur on freenode. I usually hang out in #ubuntu, #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-hardened, #ubuntu-server.


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