I have used Ubuntu for over three years and my contributions are mostly concerned with testing the distribution. I have reported many bugs relating to hardware support and I have written Checkbox which is currently part of the distribution. I also hang out daily on #ubuntu-devel, -installer, -motu and -testing to help with related problems.

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My Plans for Ubuntu

In the short term, I would like to continue exploring better ways to test the distribution on a regular basis. I am already documenting some of the building blocks to make this possible on my blog, which will have a direct impact on the development of Checkbox. As an Ubuntu member, my first order of business will be to syndicate my blog on Planet Ubuntu so that the wider community could participate in this thought process.

In the long term, I would like to provide the tools with the necessary tools so that testing Ubuntu is not only thorough but also appealing. Checkbox, mentionned in my contributions, is meant to be the foundation to make this possible. However, there is still much work to be done towards attracting a more vibrant community around testing Ubuntu on a regular basis.


Marc have been working under the radar for a long time, and as such the importance of his contribution to the Ubuntu ecosystem may not be entirely obvious to those that have not been working with him closely. He worked diligently as the main architect of Checkbox, the infrastructure that power the hardware certification and enablement of Ubuntu, for the past three years. Everything that he do is infused with the core values of Ubuntu, as he constantly try to be inclusive and strive to produce something that is useful and flexible. I would warmly recommend him as a Ubuntu member. -- EtienneG


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