I am an enthusiastic Ubuntu user, a big fan of Open Source philosophy. Founder and organizer OSOM(Open Source Open Mind) organization, an Open Source event held annually.



marcela.oniga at or marcela.oniga at


pensacola (#ubuntu-ro)


Marcela Oniga

Past activities

  • Co-Organized Document Freedom Day event in Romania, Cluj Napoca in 2013, on March 27th
  • Organized Open Source Conference, called OSOM for students, free lancers and companies since 2010.
  • Presented and promoted Ubuntu LoCo and performed an Ubuntu live demo to high-school students, for “Scoala Altfel” (en. Other type of School) program in 2013, April 1st.

  • Presented and promoted Ubuntu on a local event on April 18, 2013

  • Ubuntu Global Jam - Cluj Napoca, Romania on March 3, 2013
  • Ubuntu Global Jam - Cluj Napoca, Romania on September 15, 2013

Current activities

  • Testing current and new Ubuntu release.

Future activities

  • Ubuntu Global Jam future events
  • Organize OSOM - annual Open Source Conference

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