= About Ma_Po=

My name is Marconi Poveda, I'm from Nicaragua and actually living in Managua. I'm co-founder, official and CC member of the Nicaragua Ubuntu LoCo Team. Computer Engineer by profession, Ubuntero by choise.

Contact Information

My involvement in Ubuntu

I use Ubuntu since Dapper and began spreading the Free Software Philosophy since 2004. Three years later I met great guys (leogg, igorgue) who were inlvolved with Free Software too and decided to start the Nicaraguan Ubuntu LoCo Team and two months later (April 3, 2007 at 7.30am Local Time) we became the first Central American approved LoCo. then my main efforts have been in improving the local team and helping other teams in the region to get things started.

I've participated in the organization of +20 events in the last twelve months, including the award-winning SFD Nicaragua 2007 event (Best SFD event worldwide) and the Linux Tour, one of the biggest Linux events in Central America.

I've also represented Ubuntu in meetings and events with other LUGs and in interviews on local newspapers, radio and TV stations.

Team participation

  • Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team

  • Ubuntu Central American Team
  • Ubuntu Latin America

Future plans

  • Continue my work with the Ubuntu-ni LoCo Team

  • Have all the Central American teams approved by the end of 2008
  • Hopefully find some time to learn packaging Smile :)

My work outside the Ubuntu community

I'm pretty active in other FOSS communities, both in Nicaragua and internationally.

  • Board member of GUL-NIC (Nicaraguan LUG, composed by four local LUGs)

  • Former board member of the Nicaraguan FOSS Network

  • Founding member of the Ubuntu Central American Team
  • Founding member of the Central American Free Software Initiative
  • International coordinator of FLISOL 2008 - Latin America's biggest installfest

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