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Using ubuntu at my home PC since 2006 (the DapperDrake)... and ubuntero ever since.

I hang out at the forums and I'm a recent member of the Argentina LoCo Team.

Also at launchpad, but mostly reporting and commenting bugs, rather than solving them Sad :-(

More about me in my LinkedIn profile

my ubuntus

I upgraded my old DapperDrake to the HardyHeron in just one step Smile :-) (I didn't dare to upgrade to Edgy since there were quite a few problems at the time and I liked the LTS label of Dapper... thankfully, by the time Hardy hit the net, the lts2lts upgrade path became a reality.

Later, I installed the FeistyFawn in my office PC, which I kept upgrading seamlessly to the GutsyGibbon and then the HardyHeron.

Since the company I'm now in can't still afford a dedicated sysadmin, I've been responsible for installing our 4 servers:

The public mail server is remotely hosted in Slicehost... at the time I set it up, I had to install a small DapperDrake image and upgrade it thru EdgyEft to FeistyFawn. Later on, I upgraded it (always remotely, since it's the only way) to the GutsyGibbon... I just upgraded it to HardyHeron without any problem.

I installed an internal but accessible server with apache, MoinMoin, Bugzilla and subversion on a very old PC (AMD Duron 1.2MHz/256Mb RAM) with FeistyFawn, later upgraded to EdgyEft and recently to the HardyHeron with minor glitches.

Finally, our firewall/dhcp server is a quad-ethernet PC where I installed the GutsyGibbon and just upgraded (without a hitch) to HardyHeron.

The same for our internal samba server (about 40 secs downtime during the only reboot).

I just installed HardyHeron on a new PC I'm using at work.


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