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My small cv/intro: Linux programmer/system admin/open source advocate& developer

Marius Popa Adrian

  • Developing in :

    Python (>1 Year) Sql (> 9 years) PHP (>3 years), Java (>3 years) Ajax (>6 years) Delphi/Lazarus IDE (>9 years) C++ (>4 Years)

Education: Mathematics and Computer Science

Open source team-skills (sticking/lurking around Ubuntu/firebird community and sometime fixing bugs )

Technical Skills or what I have touched in the past: Java (server-side):JDK, Servlets , Jboss , Network Programming , Tomcat,

  • Open CMS , Jetty , Geronimo , Classpath ,Eclipse

Databases: Firebird (>10 years),PostgreSQL (3), MySQL(3) Web technologies: Mono,Perl,PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Xml ,Perl6 Operating systems: Linux (x86-64, power pc, z series), MacOsX Sw development: OO programming, Extreme Programming , Open source model Other: Firebugger, Gimp, LibreOffice, Perl, Shell Scripting (Bash), DVCS


2002 January -> Today - REEA SRL, Tirgu-Mures

  • - Linux system administrator / core developer - Developed a large range of Web based applications for small/medium organisations in PHP and Perl , (hosting control panel with ldap) - Administration for hosting servers and internal ones and support services for external clients - C++ application written in QT (Tomcat, Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd, top MTA (postfix, qmail , sendmail) , all open source technologies) - Technologies used: Perl, Bash, PHP, HTML, MySQL, Postgresql, Openldap, xsp (mono), Firebird Sql

2001 August -2002 January - Infopulse Tg-Mures (now is named Sysgenic)

  • - developed com component in C++ for the proxy gatekeeper (http proxy) - plugin for Internet Explorer and Netscape for a custom mime type - developed opinion poll engine in VB/ASP/SQL Server for a portal site - multitier application coded in C# with Web Services(SOAP) interface Technologies used:C#, com+, dcom , delphi, postresql, solaris

2001 March-2001 July Netsoft Tg-Mures

  • -developed the online map of the town (TG-Mures)
    • based on Perl , apache and MySql, Delphi - support for accounting software (firebird/oopascal)

1999 July-2001 March Wokadat Tg-Mures

  • -management program for the local administration -time tracking system (web+gui interface)
    • using bar code(and magnetic card) reader terminal (amd based) this project implied using the TCL language on the terminal side and on the windows side the use of Sockets (in Delphi)
    -custom build COM component for using in Web


1998-2001 Automatic Control University Petru Maior Tg-Mures

2002- 2005 Faculty of Sciences and Letters, Matematics and Computer Sciences Department Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures

Personal Details:

E-mail mapopa at Date of birth March 07, 1978 Marital status Unmarried Hobbies open source programming , travelling , firebird/linux advocacy

Personal philosophy :

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