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Personal Details

About Me

Hello, My name is Mark Jones, I am 24 years old and live in North Wales. I am a fairly active Ubuntu Community member, but I can also be hiding, all you need to do is poke me on IRC. I can speak Welsh and English fluently, I also understand French.

Things That I do for Ubuntu

My main interests for being in Ubuntu are that I want to make the community more aware of what Ubuntu is all about, and i do this by playing an active role in the Ubuntu Cymru LoCo Team, and my local Linux User Group. I am also the Welsh Translation Team leader, and are the main contributor to the OpenTTD Welsh translation project (which can be run on Ubuntu).

Future Work


I am now the Ubuntu Cymru Point of Contact, and I'm looking at making our community strong and active, I will do this by holding meetings twice a year and attending events such as Hacking Language.


Christopher "ianto" Swift

Mark has been an inspirational character since I've found him in the North Wales LUG IRC channel. He has a lot of energy that he uses to help out the Welsh LoCo team, the Welsh translations of Ubuntu and much much more community stuff outside of Ubuntu such as his other passion for transport! Because of his community spirit and active helping in translations I feel that Ubuntu is better since he has come along. -- Christopher Swift, Point of Contact of Ubuntu Cymru.

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