Contact Info

Mark Ramm-Christensen

Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Email: mramm at or mark.mchristensen at


  • I am the IT Manager at Humantech, and I'm slowly working on moving our servers over to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Goals

  • I plan to use Ubuntu whenever possible in the articles I write.
  • I'm trying to get the new Hoary release working under VMWare (requires a patch for the VMWare tools), and publishing a how-to on it.
  • I'm working through the Debian New Maintainers guide, trying to get the hang of packaging.
  • I'm interested in working on Ubuntu documentation projects, so contact me if you know of a project that needs a helping hand.
  • I'm planning to try to put together an easy to install easy to administer set of packages for small buisnesses to use as an alternative to Microsoft Small Buisness Server.

Completed Goals

  • I did a presentation at PenguiCon on Ubuntu, worked at the install-fest for the con, and handed out quite a few Ubuntu CD's.

  • I did a presentation on Ubuntu Linux at the Washtenaw Linux Users group in March.
  • I used Ubuntu Linux for all the screen shots in my ZABBIX Article the March issue of Linux Magazine.

Time Available

  • Evenings and weekends mostly Wink ;)


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