I believe in the power of FOSS

I am what I am because of what we all are

Open Source "We chose the name Ubuntu for our distribution because we think it captures perfectly the spirit of the sharing and cooperation that is at the heart of the open source movement."

It's a movement.

My journey into Open Source began with an interest in some cool programs Gimp, & some other stuff I knew had some sort of philosophy behind it. I tried to get it working on Linux, with various results.

OPEN SOURCE extends some of these ideas into a legal framework.

My goal was to start a dialogue with idealists, geeks & creative types

CREATIVE COMMONS is a great example of the spirit of open source. Transparency is not a ship that steers itself. Citizens must be involved, follow up, & be engaged If we truly want to create change; it takes involvement. Larry Lessig is doing what he does well - creating a dialog & forcing people to examine their surroundings.

There are many common themes in community developed software. Sometimes we can miss them when we represent personal interests - at the wrong time. To help your cause, you may need to represent the bigger picture. It will help your sacred cow in the long run anyway.

Sharing Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Philosophy can be great. I like it so much I volunteer to go teach others about it. Open Source is a philosophy, one that I continue to learn more about . Linux needs a to appeal to more than just a niche group. It's not just about computers or software, it is especially about people.

"Because of what we all are"

The pictures below will lead you to parts 1 and 2 of a talk I did about our local Ubuntu and FOSS community.


For the record, I am now a regional Ambassador Mentor for North America for the Fedora Project. I would ask everyone in FOSS to remember we are all on the same Linux team. I gave the above talk after joining Fedora. Let's look for avenues of COOPERATION

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