Meeting to set in motion a structure to manage the Ubuntu Marketing Team.

Time: 2008-06-07 - 2100 UTC
Place: #ubuntu-meeting @ irc.freenode.net
Meeting Chair: Onno Benschop
Meeting Minutes by: Bruno Barrera Yever
Meeting Log: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2008-06-07

Agenda Items

The following items are proposed for the agenda of this meeting:

Mission Statement and Goals

  1. Define a concrete mission statement for the team that reflects the goals and objectives of the team. This also includes defining our target market.

    • Define what we want to accomplish in the long term - goals
    • Define the steps needed to achieve each goal - objectives
  2. Define our relationship to the Canonical marketing department
  3. Develop a better system of internal communications
    • Discuss possible guideline for the mailing list to better organize the threads
    • Discuss setting up a team forum for discussion of topics that need a more structured record of the conversation. The forum could serve as the mechanism for setting agendas for team meetings.
    • Discuss and possibly revise the team meeting schedule.
  4. Discuss ways to improve the team wiki
    • Establish guideline for new content - sorely needed
    • Discuss better integration of marketing related content that already exists on the Ubuntu wiki from other teams

Team Structure

  1. Select three members of the marketing team to serve as core-marketers. These individuals would serve as the leadership council for the team and take responsibility for achieving the mission, goals and objectives of the marketing team. At least one member of the core-marketers should have considerable marketing expertise and experience to help guide the general marketing strategies' one should have considerable experience within the Ubuntu community and be responsible for the general coordination of the team's marketing strategies and tactics with the Ubuntu community; and the third person should have considerable experience with one or more of the LoCos and would be responsible for coordinationg marketing with the LoCos. [To avoid tie votes, the core-marketers group should be an odd number, with perhaps one person to serve as an alternate to step in in case of a member's absence]

  2. Specific roles to be assigned beyond the core-marketing team:
    • One or more individuals to serve as the marketing team scribe(s) who would be responsible for taking minutes at team meetings, making sure the team Launchpad page and the team wiki pages were up-to-date.
    • Someone to serve as the team's liason with Canonical. Someone with a lot of experience in business-to-business marketing and/or sales would be best suited for this position.
  3. Someone to coordinate team internal communications including but not limited to the mailing list. This person would be responsible for developing and enforcing some guidelines for the list.


The following were present during this meeting (that is, these people spoke):

  • bbyever, BHSPitLappy, candtalan, dsas, Flannel, hubuntu, John_B, john-vilsack, MootBot, Netsplit, nhaines, okko7, ompaul, owh, pep, sbc, ubottu



At the meeting, we got a feel for what this team was going to strive for in the future. We came up with a Mission Statement, and accompanying Team Objectives.

Mission Statement

  • The Marketing Team strives to create the building blocks needed by the Ubuntu Community to spread Ubuntu throughout the world.

Team Objectives

  • The Ubuntu Marketing Team will act as a central marketing resource for the Ubuntu Community.
  • Provide resources to assist and encourage LoCos in marketing their activities to the wider community.

  • Gather the hard work that LoCo teams are already doing.

We decided to wait to decide on the structure of the team to allow us to frame the organization with that purpose in mind.

We hope to discuss the structure and leadership (on the mailing list) and be prepared to take action (vote) on team structure and leadership at the next meeting. If you have a specific structure proposal, send it to the list as a separate email and if you wish to discuss that proposal, reply to it on the list.

Next meeting will be held on Saturday, July 5, at 2100UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


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