08:59 matthewrevell  evening
   09:00 GazzaK         evening
   09:00 thechitowncubs Good afternoon :)
   09:00 matthewrevell  :)
   09:00 bimberi        '(early) morning :)
   09:01 Bilange        hi! (for simplicity's sake :)
   09:01 matthewrevell  Bilange: Good idea!
   09:01 mindspin       ;-)
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   09:01 matthewrevell  hi nixternal
   09:01 Klaidas        good evening :)
   09:02 matthewrevell  Klaidas: hi
   09:02 nixternal      jenda: it seems one of my clients has gotten bit by the root of bug #1...i will be about 10 to 15 minutes yet...go ahead and get rolling...i will pick back up when i get finished here
   09:02 nixternal      sorry.
   09:02 Ubugtu         Malone bug 1 in Ubuntu Dapper "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,Confirmed]  http://launchpad.net/bugs/1
   09:02 nixternal      bbiaf
   09:02 jenda          haha ;)
   09:02 matthewrevell  jenda: Howdy
   09:02 jenda          OK, Ubugtu has rung the gong already.
   09:02 matthewrevell  :)
   === nixternal is RichJohnson btw
   09:02 nixternal      bbiaf ;)
   09:03 thechitowncubs Ha
   09:03 matthewrevell  jenda: You chairing?
   09:03 jenda          Strangers from distant lands... and all that jazz. We have now gathered here on the first meeting of the Marketing Team, at least for a long time. There are many people present who each have their own history of participation in the MT. Some have been working long on the ubuntupeople.com forum, others have dwelt on the mailing list - some are quite new and joined the team first right here on IRC. We have many issues on the agenda, which you can
   09:03 jenda          see here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Meetings
   09:03 jenda          matthewrevell: we'll see ;)
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   09:03 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: evening
   === dotwaffle tips hat at matthewrevell
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   09:04 jenda          Mr. T pities the foo who missed my opening speech
   09:04 matthewrevell  jenda: roftl
   09:04 jenda          The first point on the Agenda is: What are the Marketing Team's objectives?
   09:04 matthewrevell  jenda: Okay, may I suggest that we agree to discuss objectives on the list rather than here, this evening?
   09:05 matthewrevell  It's a rather big topic
   === jenda thinks this point is too general to dicuss here
   09:05 jenda          yep
   09:05 jenda          :)
   09:05 matthewrevell  :)
   09:05 matthewrevell  Any objections?
   09:05 jenda          Anyone interested in this subject, please have a look at the MT wiki and think of what you'd like to see there.
   09:05 jenda          3
   09:05 jenda          2
   09:05 jenda          1
   09:05 jenda          sold
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   09:05 jenda          Next point:
   09:06 jenda          How the team communicates and works.
   09:06 _sara          can we get a forum on the ubuntuforums
   09:06 ompaul         jenda, it would be nice if there was a url in the channel
   09:06 jenda          https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam
   09:06 jenda          sorry
   09:07 matthewrevell  _sara: Do you prefer forums to the mailing list?
   09:07 jenda          _sara: the opinion has been voiced that it isn't necessary.
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   09:07 _sara          sometimes
   09:07 jenda          We have the wiki, the list, LP and IRC
   09:08 ompaul         how to bind that we have
   09:08 _sara          but it might not be necessary now that I really think about it
   09:08 dotwaffle      I find mailing lists good, but only if there is a searchable mailing list archive. Forums are all well and good, but it leads to people giving short answers instead of structured thinking.
   09:08 jenda          And to date, the forum has only caused resource fragmentation
   09:08 jenda          The list has an archive.
   09:08 Bilange        at the very least, please make a sticky thread on the ubuntuforums somewhere linking to our websites/mailing list and so forth
   09:08 jenda          Link will be added to the wiki
   09:08 mindspin       i agree with dotwaffle
   09:08 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: Possibly. My main objection to a forum is that all the other Ubuntu teams use the official lists, which mean that our official list is easy to find.
   09:08 Bilange        just to make sure we have some visibility to the newcomers
   09:08 jenda          Bilange: check
   09:09 dotwaffle      jenda: Yes, but it's not easily searchable for references - personally my mailing lists get purged every 14-28 days (depending on thread activity)
   09:09 jenda          Bilange: noted
   09:09 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: lists.ubuntu.com has archives
   09:09 jenda          Anyone have experience with searching the list?
   09:09 dotwaffle      matthewrevell: are they searchable? as in query style?
   09:10 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: Sorry, I don't know.
   09:10 ompaul         maybe we should ask for that "feature" if it does not exist
   09:10 bimberi        if not, it can be arranged surely
   09:10 jenda          Exactly.
   09:10 GazzaK         can the mailing list be intergrated into a forum?
   === chris-t4 [n=ChrisC@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:10 matthewrevell  GazzaK: There are issues with that. It doesn't always work so well, either technically or culturally
   09:10 dotwaffle      Let's just remember that forums are just a web version of mailing lists, and are harder to manage as you then can't see the flow of the thread and stub out offtopic comments through ignorance rather than active pruning.
   09:11 jenda          Is there anyone with a good argument against a searchable archived mailing list being a full replacement for the forum?
   09:11 matthewrevell  jenda: Not from me.
   09:11 mindspin       newcomers
   09:11 jenda          newcomers...
   09:11 matthewrevell  mindspin: In what way?
   09:11 Bilange        otherwise, there should be a dirth google trick working, as in "inurl:ubuntu-marketing search_words domain:lists.ubuntu.com" or something similar
   09:11 Bilange        s/dirth/dirty
   09:11 jenda          mindspin: I think spreadubuntu could offer a friendly enough interface for marketing team newcomers.
   09:12 mindspin       newcomers sometimes shrugg when it comes to mailinglists
   09:12 matthewrevell  mindspin: It took me a long time to realise UbuntuPeople was used for marketing team stuff. The mailing list is kinda the obvious choice for newcomers.
   09:12 matthewrevell  mindspin: Because that's what the other teams use.
   09:12 mindspin       I absolutely favour the mailinglist
   09:12 bimberi        There should be one place where what the team is doing is communicated.  A mailing list is the best place (imo).  By all means have other "forums" (irc, webforums) but no decisions/initiatives should be considered 'official' until communicated on the list.
   09:12 jenda          matthewrevell: agreed.
   09:12 mindspin       we should deal with newcomers
   09:13 jenda          When I joined ubnutupeople.com, I thought it was a fan site.
   09:13 _sara          me too
   09:13 matthewrevell  mindspin: What, in that they don't like mailing lists?
   09:13 jenda          bimberi: agreed
   09:13 _sara          newcomers just don't know about them, so we need a repository of info on how to join the team
   09:13 mindspin       telling them to join the list and that it doesn't hurt ;-)
   09:14 jenda          spreadubuntu might become the first stop for new user marketeers.
   09:14 matthewrevell  _sara: Agreed that it needs to be as easy as possible to join the list. I'd say it's easier to find out about the list, particularly for existing Ubuntu people, than a forum.
   09:14 coopster       jenda: spreadubuntu should have both a newbie friendly press-release type description of the marketing team and contact info, and a link to the list search
   09:14 matthewrevell  mindspin: Yeah, a pain free guide would be ideal. Stick me down to write one, unless anyone else would prefer to.
   09:14 jenda          the MT wiki should provide a fairly usable interface as well. It lists all the communications on the top.
   09:14 jenda          coopster: we'll get to SU
   09:15 ompaul         we have a mailing list, we had a forum it was not integrated into the mailing list, it does not exist, we have a few people if they all split across the two existing interactive media that we have (irc and mail) and don't have a way to bind the conversation then there is a serious issue in terms of what we should do.
   09:15 jenda          matthewrevell: I'm writing it down as your job ;)
   09:15 matthewrevell  jenda: superb
   09:15 ompaul         now if you want to consider adding to that mix
   09:15 ompaul         you split the message
   09:15 coopster       jenda: well, seems relevant in that SU can be the easy to navigate intro to how to join the mailing list, and would work well with just using the wiki and ml for official chatter
   09:15 ompaul         as for searchable email, the current email list for 6 months is 1 meg in total download
   09:15 matthewrevell  ompaul: Yeah. Irc is great for meetings, brainstorming and generally getting to know each other. The ML is best for thrashing out real business, outside of meetings. IMO.
   09:15 jenda          coopster: it's the next point on the agenda
   09:16 bimberi        matthewrevell: exactly
   09:16 jenda          matthewrevell: +1
   09:16 matthewrevell  \o/
   09:16 matthewrevell  :)
   09:16 ompaul         coopster, the wiki is less of a chatter place but a place to "store collective wisdom"
   === nixternal is back!!!
   09:17 Bilange        actually, the ubuntupeople has a good point: since I joined in the middle of threads/idea, it was way easier than on the ML to "scroll back" and read from the start
   09:17 coopster       ompaul: agreed, bad term
   09:17 jenda          welcome, nixternal. We postponed the first point on the agenda (ie. moved to the list)
   09:17 nixternal      i seen...good idea because it is a big one ;)
   09:17 matthewrevell  Bilange: That's an issue, but I believe that the benefits of using the official list outweigh that. We can point newcomers to the archives, in a friendly way.
   09:18 nixternal      gobby or #ubuntu-marketing would be a better alternative for drafting objectives
   09:18 matthewrevell  nixternal: I'd say the bulk of the work has to be done on the list, to give everyone the chance to contribute
   09:18 nixternal      that too
   09:18 matthewrevell  nixternal: Deciding on wording can be done in gobby tho'
   09:18 Bilange        matthewrevell, in this case, we're missing an important feature, sticky/most important threads are going to be lost in the rest, unless we rely on the main wiki page or something to point newcomers to those important threads
   09:19 bimberi        Bilange: yes, that's what the wiki should be for
   09:19 jenda          Bilange: most important threads and results should be outlined in the wiki
   09:19 jenda          A special place for that.
   09:19 jenda          I'm noting this.
   09:19 GazzaK         unless someone maintains a FAQ/Top Mails list?
   09:19 matthewrevell  Bilange: Hmmm. I think sticky threads work for chat forums, and the like, but people get blind to them.
   09:19 dotwaffle      Bilange: The alternative is to write a primer and a monthly "newsletter" psoted to the wiki saying whats been going on. Then people can feel better acquainted with the data before joining the discussion.
   09:19 bimberi        nothing is sticky, till it's on the wiki :P
   09:20 matthewrevell  bimberi: Ha :)
   09:20 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: Nice idea.
   09:20 matthewrevell  GazzaK: Also nice idea.
   09:20 jenda          dotwaffle: I don't think it needs to be monthly
   09:20 matthewrevell  dotwaffle, jenda: Just kinda updated as and when necessary, yeah?
   09:20 jenda          A special wiki page with outlines of what went on on the list is good enough.
   09:20 matthewrevell  brb
   09:20 Bilange        dotwaffle, you just gave me an idea. Ive seen on some newsgroup on the net a bot sending the same "welcome" message once every month/two weeks, to make sure newcomers has some starting point
   09:21 matthewrevell  back
   09:21 Bilange        maybe this could be applied on our ML?
   09:21 dotwaffle      jenda: it needs to be frequent - so that if one hasn't been made in say... 2 months, it calls for one to be made nonetheless.
   09:21 jenda          Bilange: technical detail
   09:21 jenda          dotwaffle: OK
   09:21 matthewrevell  Surely ad hoc is better? With most recent stuff at the top, blog-stylee
   09:21 jenda          OK
   09:22 Bilange        jenda, are you saying its impossible due to lack of resources?
   09:22 jenda          I think this is decided.
   09:22 dotwaffle      Not really editions of the publication, more of an updating of the recently discussed topics, what to know etc.
   09:22 jenda          Bilange: I'm saying it's not the focus now - it's easy to add at any time.
   09:22 matthewrevell  jenda: Yeah?
   09:22 matthewrevell  jenda: Sorry, meant to type more before hitting enter
   09:22 jenda          hehe
   09:23 matthewrevell  Is everyone happy to go with a mailing list, using the wiki to offer a route into the important stuff?
   09:23 jenda          OK, lemme sum this up so we can move on.
   09:23 mindspin       yup
   09:23 Bilange        matthewrevell, sure
   09:23 bimberi        matthewrevell: +1
   09:23 jenda          yep
   09:23 nixternal      quick question...are we following the agenda in order or no?  did we go OT?   ;)
   09:23 jenda          nixternal: we postponed the frist, this is the second.
   09:24 Bilange        nixternal, what agenda? the bullet list on the MT/Meeting wiki page?
   09:24 jenda          I believe we should not discuss the CC now - please read my note on the agenda and comment
   09:24 nixternal      i thought the 2nd was "unify the team & achieve cc approval"
   09:24 jenda          Bilange: yes
   09:24 matthewrevell  nixternal: Got the first bit sorted :)
   09:24 jenda          nixternal: that's what we're discussing, without the CC
   09:24 nixternal      roger that
   09:24 jenda          agreed?
   === nixternal sits back down ;)
   09:24 matthewrevell  jenda: Can you explain briefly...
   09:25 coopster       jenda: i agree.  any member list we have right now needs to be pruned to only the active members
   09:25 matthewrevell  jenda: ...what the process of becoming an official Ubuntu team is?
   09:25 jenda          explaing what?
   09:25 jenda          ah
   09:25 jenda          matthewrevell: no i can't, haven't studied it.
   09:25 jenda          Oh yes
   09:25 jenda          thanks coopster, wouldda forgat
   09:25 matthewrevell  jenda: AFAIK you have to show quite a lot before even applying.
   09:25 ompaul         matthewrevell, it appears you do a job of work, you hand your needs to the CC and it goes forward from there
   09:25 jenda          matthewrevell: I don't plan to apply any time soon
   09:25 matthewrevell  ompaul: Cool.
   09:25 nixternal      are we not an official ubuntu team?  we have LP, wiki, and members with Ubuntu support... ;)
   09:26 matthewrevell  jenda: No, I tihnk we need to really prove what we can do first.
   09:26 jenda          Let's not discuss that please - it's not important for the work we do.
   09:26 jenda          matthewrevell: yes
   09:26 matthewrevell  jenda: No?
   09:26 jenda          We do what we can
   09:26 bimberi        nixternal: i guess improving, formalising communication is part of that process
   09:26 ompaul         jenda, there are several ubuntu members in the MT - getting it rubber stamped would not be too hard
   09:26 jenda          ompaul: once there is some results
   09:26 jenda          coopster reminded me of an important point.
   09:27 dotwaffle      Let's find out what we're doing before we get ahead of ourselves :)
   09:27 jenda          Does everyone agree with member-list pruning?
   09:27 ompaul         jenda, we have a need, there is a mission, we have goals, and you can't have a distro team after you do the first release
   09:27 nixternal      +1 dotwaffle
   09:27 ompaul         :-)
   09:27 mindspin       yup the membersilt thing
   09:27 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: It's good to know what we're aiming for :)
   09:27 coopster       ompaul: i would think, results or no, having official team status is a plus, and we should do that provided it doesnt distract us from doing the things that make the results
   09:27 _sara          yeah for the  member list pruning
   09:27 matthewrevell  coopster: we won't get official status without results. Anyway, let's move on :)
   09:27 coopster       k
   09:27 nixternal      @schedule chicago
   09:27 Ubugtu         Schedule for America/Chicago: Current meeting: Marketing Team | 29 Jun 09:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 04 Jul 15:00: Technical Board | 05 Jul 15:00: Edubuntu | 06 Jul 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 12 Jul 07:00: Edubuntu
   09:27 jenda          And does everyone agree with removing the wiki member list?
   09:27 dotwaffle      what are the issues with the memberlist at the moment? Dud members?
   09:27 matthewrevell  jenda: Yes
   09:27 jenda          I'll contact all the people on it and ask them to join LP
   09:28 bimberi        jenda: yes, go with Launchpad
   09:28 jenda          dotwaffle: 70 of them
   09:28 dotwaffle      jenda: I see. Ok.
   09:28 jenda          OK, any objections?
   09:28 mindspin       yup launchpad
   09:28 matthewrevell  jenda: no
   === jenda is waiting for a yes ;)
   09:28 jenda          OK
   09:28 nixternal      whoa
   09:28 jenda          settled.
   09:28 nixternal      jenda..sorry
   09:28 nixternal      hehe
   09:28 nixternal      can't you put a person as inactive?
   09:28 jenda          yes
   09:29 nixternal      ok
   09:29 nixternal      go on then
   09:29 nixternal      ;)
   09:29 jenda          but that wouldn't really serve the purpose, me thinks... to have 70 inactive 'members'
   09:29 nixternal      if you don't get the response..put them inactive..don't delete just to be safe maybe
   09:29 jenda          Next point: SPREADUBUNTU
   09:29 nixternal      k
   09:29 nixternal      go go go
   09:29 jenda          nixternal: ok
   09:29 dotwaffle      jenda: clarify statement please
   === nixternal just spread some Ubuntu
   09:29 bimberi        hopefully becoming inactive sends an auto-email
   09:29 mindspin       jenda :are you talking about team members or mailing list subscribers?
   === imbrandon [n=brandon@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.imbrandon] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:29 jenda          I created a very, very rough plan of what I think SU should look like
   09:30 jenda          bimberi: I'll send manually
   09:30 jenda          http://crashhosting.com/Spreadubuntu-060628-jenda.odg
   09:30 _sara          what is a odg file
   09:30 dotwaffle      Open Document - OO.o will open
   09:30 jenda          Excuse the quality, it's my first and was very quick
   09:30 imbrandon      open document
   09:30 jenda          OD Graphics
   === slomo_ [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:30 bimberi        jenda: i'd call that a final myself :P
   09:31 jenda          We need someone to create the website, and then we can work on the content. I think I can do a large part there of myself - it's just writing.
   09:31 nixternal      umbrella ;)
   === rikai [i=rikai@pool-72-65-106-114.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:31 jenda          (by which I mean anyone can work on it just as easily)
   09:32 nixternal      jenda: i can do writing if needed
   09:32 ompaul         jenda, from an accessabilty perspective more contrast :-) other than that I would shrink it to fit on a sheet of paper ;-)
   09:32 jenda          nixternal: great
   09:32 coopster       jenda:  i would think "donate" is a good thing to branch off of "What can I do?"
   09:32 jenda          ompaul: please hush ;)
   09:32 jenda          ompaul: that's a 10 minute sketchup
   09:32 mindspin       what should it look like?
   09:32 jenda          just to communicate what I mean.
   09:32 jenda          mindspin: it should look great ;)
   09:32 dotwaffle      I feel thre key points need to be addressed: 1) Getting people to spread the disks - possibly talk to a PC magazine or something? 2) Getting people to create stalls at computer fairs etc 3) Possibly get a feature done about Ubuntu in a major paper in each country...
   09:33 matthewrevell  I know we agreed to talk about general team objectives on the list, but I do think we need some discussion of what we hope we'll achieve with SU. it may seem obvious but there's no harm in discussing it.
   09:33 mindspin       i mean Ubuntu-like (keep CD in mind)
   09:33 jenda          Anyway - I'd like to see several inputs from several people. Any volunteers within the team?
   09:33 matthewrevell  jenda: Sure thang
   09:33 jenda          dotwaffle: those are the particular points to be described within.
   09:33 jenda          OK
   09:33 dotwaffle      jenda: ok, we should address points of focus individually now, then revise on the ML.
   09:34 dotwaffle      jenda: sure.
   09:34 jenda          I"ll paste what I said before to matthewrevell and ompaul in PM
   09:34 mindspin       ok I could give a hand for html/CSS stuff, but I'm not really good in graphics and such
   09:34 jenda          SU should have the two basic parts you see on the picture
   09:34 jenda          mindspin: noted
   09:35 jenda          That implies two basic goals:
   09:35 jenda          <jenda> To welcome a new user who has just started using and loving ubuntu
   09:35 jenda          <jenda> To offer to a user, who has decided to spreadubuntu, all that is needed to successfully do so locally.
   09:35 Bilange        same as mindspin, plus some basics in PHP/MySQL. IANAA (i am not an artist) though :)
   09:36 jenda          noted
   09:36 mindspin       testimonials should be on the frontpage
   09:36 thechitowncubs I would love to help with graphics for spread ubuntu
   09:36 mindspin       fine
   09:36 bimberi        we could ask the Artwork Team for input
   09:36 matthewrevell  bimberi: +1
   09:36 GazzaK         And I will and am trying to spead knowledge in my local community
   09:36 jenda          The idea is that people are best basic spreaders soon after they fall in love with Ubuntu
   09:36 jenda          bimberi: yes, that was the plan.
   09:37 jenda          mindspin: not sure about that, but it can be adjusted.
   09:37 jenda          thechitowncubs: noted.
   09:37 nixternal      thechitowncubs: help out Ubuntu Chicago while your at it ;)
   09:37 matthewrevell  jenda: Is the idea to target new users, then?
   09:37 mindspin       I think its a good welcome when you see you can share "the experience"
   09:37 ompaul         http://www.freedos.org/
   09:37 dotwaffle      A lot of canadians that I know found ubuntu not through normal channels, but in fact from Leo Laporte pimping it on Call For Help, a tech show in the US.
   09:37 ompaul         sorry wrong place
   09:37 jenda          matthewrevell: the idea is provide a DIYM interface
   09:38 jenda          matthewrevell: which has an easy entry point for new users
   09:38 jenda          You should be able to point "what is ubuntu" people to spreadubuntu.org
   09:38 dotwaffle      is .org the best solution?
   09:38 jenda          hoping that in a month, one in every fifty of them will think of convincing his family of installing the system, and the school in the next month.
   09:39 dotwaffle      a .com should redirect there if possible.
   09:39 coopster       dotwaffle: afaik we have .org and .com
   09:39 jenda          dotwaffle: suggestions?
   09:39 jenda          dotwaffle: try spreadubuntu.com
   09:39 dotwaffle      all good, cheers
   === Klaidas [n=klaidas@unaffiliated/klaidas] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   09:39 jenda          and .net
   09:39 jenda          we don't have .org though.
   09:39 jenda          will have to ask Jane how that's going.
   09:39 mindspin       what about getting local domains which point to su.org
   09:39 jenda          noted.
   09:39 matthewrevell  jenda: What are your thoughts on getting people to spreadubuntu.org?
   09:39 ompaul         jenda, spreading - is one thing - what is, is done rather well on www. and how to use is done on docs/help/wiki
   09:40 ompaul         mindspin, na fragmentation
   09:40 jenda          ompaul: we won't go through how to use on SU
   09:40 matthewrevell  Surely Ubuntu.com is the main destination, so assuming it's the right place for them to be, how do we get people to go to SpreadUbuntu?
   09:40 mindspin       when i type verbreite ubuntu.de and will be linked to su.com where's fragmentation?
   09:40 dotwaffle      matthewrevell: face to face referral
   09:40 ompaul         jenda sorry I was reacting to: <jenda> You should be able to point "what is ubuntu" people to spreadubuntu.org <-- I now get your meaning there
   09:41 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: And that's all? I'm not saying that's bad, just think it's important to have an idea.
   09:41 jenda          matthewrevell: that's secondary - if SU has a purpose and a form, pointing people there isn't a problem.
   09:41 jenda          mindspin: could be done.
   09:41 matthewrevell  jenda: But it is a problem :) It's *the* problem.
   09:41 jenda          spreadubunutu should be localised.
   09:41 matthewrevell  It's not an insurmountable problem, though.
   09:42 jenda          matthewrevell: it's secondary, IMO.
   09:42 Bilange        graphically-wise: isnt it a bad idea to try to differ too much from ubuntu.com?
   09:42 jenda          As long as we have a target audience and relevant content, users shouldn't be a problem.
   09:42 ompaul         mindspin, the concept that spreadfirefox had initally - it had a really fast burn for a few months - it became a meme - and now has out lived its original meaning
   09:42 mindspin       that's what I meant too what about ubuntus CD
   09:42 matthewrevell  SpreadFirefox.com worked intitially because Firefox.com was nothing to do with the browser. So, it came up naturally in searches etc. The web and print are saturated with links to ubuntu.com.
   09:43 coopster       Bilange: i'd agree, sticking to the basic layout of ubuntu.com is a great framework to start from
   09:43 jenda          Bilange: not too much, but I want it to be easier - the front page.
   09:43 ompaul         matthewrevell, yeap but a "spread" thing is like you have to try this
   09:43 Bilange        coopster, agreed :)
   09:43 jenda          ompaul: +1
   09:43 matthewrevell  ompaul: You mean it's spread by word of mouth?
   09:43 jenda          SU is the "you have to see this" type of site.
   09:43 jenda          matthewrevell: partly, yes.
   09:43 _sara          it has to be atractive to the eye
   09:43 jenda          Yes.
   09:44 Bilange        actually, I never had a reply from the ubuntu.com webmaster, and mailed him on june 2nd or something
   09:44 matthewrevell  jenda: Cool, fair enough. We have an answer - the primary way will be, for want of a better term, viral.
   09:44 dotwaffle      personally, I think the Ubuntu.com is too unfriendly to average joe, spreadubuntu.com needs to be more of a "cosy" way of introducing you to the ubntu install process, maybe with links to the LULU book and the PDF to print yourself, so that they are mollycoddled throughout the entire isntall process.
   09:44 jenda          matthewrevell: check.
   09:44 Bilange        my point is: im not sure if we can use "his" design on SU
   09:44 jenda          dotwaffle: not the install process, no.
   09:44 matthewrevell  I just wanna make sure we know, rather than assuming we all think we know and then fin dout we have different idea later :)
   09:44 coopster       dotwaffle: agreed
   09:44 ompaul         matthewrevell, a bit of that a bit of guerrilla marketing - so we pick a date ohh lets say Sept and we aim to hit the ground with it then
   09:44 jenda          dotwaffle: we would link to the docs where needed.
   09:44 jenda          It should introduce the user into what ubuntu is
   09:45 dotwaffle      jenda: not jsut the install, but the meaning behind what Ubuntu is, why it is good for you, why you should try it, and then HOW to do all this.
   09:45 jenda          and offer the first steps on a silver platter.
   09:45 jenda          dotwaffle: yes.
   09:45 dotwaffle      At the moment, Ubuntu.com is a very... Corporate affiar.
   09:45 jenda          yes
   09:45 bimberi        dotwaffle: and intentionally so
   09:45 jenda          spreadubuntu.org is meant to be user-aimed.
   09:45 chris-t4       Slogan: Do you Ubunutu?
   09:45 jenda          nice ;)
   09:45 dotwaffle      Specifically when they see "Ubuntu 6.06 LTS"... That's such a bad choice of title, IMO.
   09:45 jenda          Anyway, i believe this topic is exhausted.
   09:46 dotwaffle      Agreed.
   09:46 bimberi        jenda: +1
   09:46 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: +1 for this type of user
   09:46 matthewrevell  jenda: No, hang on
   09:46 matthewrevell  :0
   09:46 matthewrevell  :)
   09:46 matthewrevell  Just a quick point
   09:46 ompaul         dotwaffle, it is entitled to be
   09:46 jenda          everyone listen to matthewrevell
   09:46 jenda          ;)
   09:46 dotwaffle      i'm sure he'll be audioblogging it on lugradio at some point anyway ;0
   09:46 matthewrevell  Canonical have hired/are hiring a new webmaster. They're likely to be *very* busy, but it would be nice to ask silbs who this person is, so we can maybe have some involvement from them.
   09:46 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: :-)
   09:47 jenda          hmm
   09:47 jenda          matthewrevell: I'll note this, but since it's new to me, I have nothing to comment on.
   09:47 Bilange        matthewrevell, of if this person is too busy, at least ask him/her permission to make a derivate work for out SU website
   09:47 matthewrevell  jenda: Cool, just wanted to raise it.
   09:47 Bilange        s/out/our
   09:47 ompaul         matthewrevell, they will be made known to all - as will the artists in residence
   === matthewrevell removes himself from the floor :-)
   09:48 jenda          OK - anything else to SU?
   09:48 coopster       matthewrevell: i would agree.  it can only help.  after we get SU up and running, i would imagine canonical would be more than happy to have a link to us, it's 'free' content for the,
   09:48 jenda          3
   09:48 jenda          2
   === Bonzodog [n=bonzodog@unaffiliated/bonzodog] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:48 jenda          1
   09:48 jenda          done
   09:48 jenda          nekt
   09:48 jenda          The Ubuntu Magazine.
   09:48 _sara          my turn?
   09:48 jenda          _sara: you're up
   === jenda sits down and relaxes )
   09:49 nixternal      ahh.. _sara =tikal....hey sara..sorry didn't know it was you
   09:49 dotwaffle      if everyone can hold off comment until it's all been explained to us first ;)
   09:49 _sara          We have a skeleton
   === GazzaK_ [n=Gary@host86-136-245-131.range86-136.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   === kalosaurusrex [n=aaron@lnxvcdaja1.vcd.hp.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:49 _sara          WE ghave agree to amkle a theme oriented magazine and agree that the first issue is going to be on a general intor to ubuntu.
   09:50 _sara          amkle?
   09:50 nixternal      lol
   09:50 mindspin       make?
   09:50 jenda          heh ;)
   09:50 Bilange        is that make?
   09:50 jenda          _sara: please continue.
   09:50 bimberi        ah, well done mindspin and Bilange - i was struggling :)
   09:50 _sara          I feel that at this point in time we need to get someting out and the master TOc would finalized from that
   09:51 dotwaffle      I disagree - I think a magazine would be a bad idea. A regularly updated website yes, but a magazine relies on people readin from issue #1.
   09:51 jenda          _sara: one question - who else has been working on the magazine, and how for are you?
   09:51 jenda          dotwaffle: not true, IMO
   === nixternal has
   09:51 bimberi        _sara: is this a physical publication?
   09:51 _sara          ok , we have some memebers nixternal, Kensendme, Jenda (of course) and others
   09:51 jenda          I only read issues #1 and #4 of the UWN
   === jenda gulps
   09:52 jenda          more work for jenda? ):
   09:52 jenda          *:)
   09:52 _sara          we want ot have a html and a pdf magazine also
   === dotwaffle adds his name to the list of people who have only read 1 or 2 editions of the UWN.
   === bimberi doesn't see much space left with the Fridge and UWN
   09:52 matthewrevell  mgalvin: ping
   09:52 jenda          right - didn't we decide on a base html with exports to pdf and txt?
   09:52 jenda          matthewrevell: I was just gonna.
   09:52 _sara          ok maybe I need tro explain the diff
   09:52 matthewrevell  _sara: Where would this sit alongside Fridge, UWN?
   09:52 bimberi        _sara: please
   09:52 matthewrevell  _sara: Ah :)
   09:53 Bilange        bimberi, dont you think the fridge is quite developer centric and not much end-user centric? I thought the UWN was here to fix that
   09:53 dotwaffle      why pdf? Why be contrained to a paper format? The web was developed to create something that is easier to sift through. In that respect, UbuntuGuide.org does pretty much the job of a magazine such as ComputerActive in Europe.
   09:53 matthewrevell  Hang on, let's let _sara tell us where this sits :)
   09:53 jenda          dotwaffle: please, that's a technicality.
   09:53 dotwaffle      ok, I'll be quiet ;0
   09:53 jenda          :)
   09:53 _sara          The UWN is targeted toward memebers that are already involved in ubuntu, developers. We want a magazine that would help people familiarize themselves with linux and ubuntu for desktop use
   09:54 _sara          pdf, some people like to print things out and read while on the bus or subway, spread ubuntu,
   09:54 _sara          some members don't have internet access on their ubuntu
   09:55 mgalvin        matthewrevell: hey guys, sorry i gotta run out for a bit :-/, is it quick?
   09:55 matthewrevell  _sara: Sounds like a good aim to have. Have you considered that it might be better to write articles for the publications that these people read already? (Assuming that's possible). It's big job to entice people to a magazine about something they're unfamiliar with.
   === jenda pokes mgalvin
   09:55 jenda          ah )
   09:55 mgalvin        :)
   09:55 GazzaK         +1 to pdf format
   09:55 matthewrevell  mgalvin: Just wondered if you'd be interested in the discussion of Ubuntu Magazine and how ti relates to UWN
   09:55 jenda          Let's please leave the technical details out for now (formats)
   09:55 matthewrevell  jenda: +1 We need to choose that after we know who's reading.
   09:56 bimberi        Bilange: yes, that's fair (held off responding to give _sara the floor)
   === dwelch91 [n=dwelch@lnxvcdjw2.vcd.hp.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   09:56 _sara          yeah we discuss that already, but we just could not find a magazine that has the level of graphical explanation taht we want
   09:56 jenda          matthewrevell: I believe the magazine could be read, for example, by SU-drafted newbies.
   09:56 mindspin       I agree with the idea of getting ubuntu into the regular press
   09:56 nixternal      OK. Here in Chicago we have "FREE" news stand/boxes. Usually you see music stuff, IT stuff, the Onion and what not in there for people to grab and read while on the train to the city. I want to stuff one full of Ubuntu if and when the time comes!!!
   09:56 matthewrevell  jenda: Cool.
   09:56 jenda          it has the same type of spirit - building an UBuntu hype :)
   09:56 matthewrevell  _sara: Right, cool. What sort of publications did you look at?
   09:56 mindspin       nixternal: kinda expensive on the long way...
   09:56 nixternal      FREE!!
   09:57 jenda          nixternal: sure, fund it ;)
   09:57 nixternal      the print is the only cost
   09:57 _sara          We are thinking sometinh like an Ubuntunized Tux magazine
   09:57 matthewrevell  nixternal: Let's chat about tha ton the ML, Mr Moneybags :-D
   09:57 jenda          -technicality-
   09:57 nixternal      my brother law owns his own print shop..so i could get a decent deal
   09:57 mgalvin        matthewrevell: i am very interested in it, sadly i have to run out for about an hour or 2, i will catch the log when i get back and comment on the -marketing list
   09:57 matthewrevell  mgalvin: Nice one!
   09:57 jenda          nixternal: noted - you should'nt have mentioned that.
   09:57 dotwaffle      Getting people to give away free CDs is one thing, but to print and distribute leaflets? it's easier for them just to say "goto spreadubuntu.com and click on the 'What's hot?' button".
   09:57 nixternal      hahah
   09:57 _sara          yeah printing the magazine and hav ethe Loco treams distribut it with CD's
   09:57 nixternal      it is for meh
   09:58 nixternal      _sara: that is where i wanted to go with that..but didn't...thank you for stressing the LoCo point
   09:58 matthewrevell  Anyway, let's activate the "Let's not get ahead of ourselves" button :)
   09:58 dotwaffle      oh you mean pre-printed that we distribute?
   09:58 mindspin       that means localized magazines
   09:58 jenda          dotwaffle: +1
   09:58 _sara          yeah, but that is in the future, for now  a magazine that anyone can print
   09:58 _sara          Let me give you an example
   09:58 jenda          but - let's not discuss the technical details PLEASE
   09:58 matthewrevell  jenda: Such as printing?
   09:59 jenda          yes
   09:59 matthewrevell  Okay.
   09:59 _sara          ok lets talk about the content, The important part
   09:59 matthewrevell  I'm starting to think that might be the main differentiator of this, though.
   09:59 jenda          _sara: I'd like to keep the meeting very general.
   09:59 mindspin       In my view a magazine about a distro will not be read by joseph(ine) noob
   09:59 dotwaffle      I agree that it would be great to have a magazine like Linux U+D, Linux Format or Linux Magazine to promote Ubuntu, but that's very costly and requires editors etc that would have to give up a substantial amount of time.
   09:59 _sara          We aim to be more neewbie friendly
   10:00 dotwaffle      _sara: is there an analogue that we can have a look at to see what you mean?
   10:00 jenda          _sara: so - we should only go as far as the relationship with the fridge and UWN goes, the target audience - but not the content itself please. An ubuntu magazine meeting would be great for that.
   10:00 _sara          analogue?
   10:00 jenda          the tux mag, eg.
   10:00 jenda          <_sara> We are thinking sometinh like an Ubuntunized Tux magazine
   === henriquemaia [n=henrique@87-196-230-35.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:01 ompaul         jenda, that is a huge effort
   10:01 _sara          Jenda sure, We could expand on articles with the UWN
   10:01 jenda          ompaul: yes, we're smaller
   10:01 jenda          so the mag will be.
   10:01 ompaul         what I think would work great in this space is a simpler thing
   10:01 matthewrevell  _sara: really? UWN is more a "what's happening now in the ubuntu community" thing,.
   10:01 dotwaffle      _sara: sorry, an exmaple.
   10:02 _sara          The UWN had an article on , but a newbie might need more information
   10:02 dotwaffle      s/exmaple/example/
   10:02 jenda          I expect the mag to leech a lot, wherever possible.
   10:02 _sara          hold on
   10:02 jenda          THe SABDFL has expressly allowed leeching on his blogs ;)
   10:02 bimberi        yes, an example/mockup would help with understanding
   10:02 ompaul         one mag that is released with the s/ware release - it says what it is where you can get it - what exciting new stuff is in there and and how you can give it to others and it is legal
   10:03 _sara          The UWN had an article on TOmboy ( I think), but their explanation did not explained on how to use it
   === Bonzodog suggest people take a look at Linux-Format for ideas on a mag
   10:03 bimberi        ompaul: goes a bit stale though (like the release :P)
   10:03 matthewrevell  bimberi:
   10:03 matthewrevell  sorry
   10:03 ompaul         bimberi, that is the idea
   10:03 ompaul         bimberi, new one once ever 6 months
   10:03 ompaul         and continious job
   10:04 matthewrevell  _sara: Okay, cool.
   10:04 mindspin       It should look like a eighties fanzine, cheap and selfmade it would be nice in concern with viral/guerilla marketing
   10:04 matthewrevell  _sara: So, this sounds like a magazine section to SpreadUbuntu, almost. Going for the same people.
   10:04 jenda          Anything else on the subject (in general?)
   10:04 matthewrevell  mindspin: You should add "not" after that :0
   10:04 ompaul         mindspin, that is so 20 years ago ;-)
   10:04 mindspin       hehe
   10:04 jenda          matthewrevell: spreadubuntu doesn't encompass everything, but it will cooperate.
   10:04 _sara          matthewrvell, yeah Jenda not for now I would send an e-mail concerning our next meeting
   10:04 matthewrevell  jenda: I'm talking in terms of the target audience
   10:04 mindspin       retro-look
   10:05 jenda          _sara: OK
   10:05 jenda          I consider the topic closed in...
   10:05 jenda          3
   10:05 bimberi        having seen the discussion, i feel there _is_ room for such a thing.  If people have the time/energy then go for it
   10:05 matthewrevell  Let's continue the discussion on the mailing list.
   10:05 jenda          dan
   10:05 jenda          *damn
   10:05 jenda          :)
   10:05 jenda          3
   10:05 jenda          2
   10:05 jenda          1
   10:05 jenda          boom
   10:05 jenda          next?
   10:05 nixternal      How do we interact with Canonical, who is our Contact point?    simple...Jenda....we go through Jenda..he goes to Canonicall...chain of command is nice
   10:05 nixternal      next?
   10:05 jenda          wait...
   10:05 nixternal      ;)
   10:06 jenda          sorry
   10:06 jenda          just remembered one thing concerning LP
   10:06 dotwaffle      LP?
   10:06 nixternal      launchpad
   10:06 dotwaffle      opk
   10:06 dotwaffle      ok
   10:07 jenda          I set the team to give out 30 day memberships on the first time around. with year log renewed memberships. I'll explain why - then ask if anyone objects.
   10:07 dotwaffle      seems rational
   10:07 jenda          What we have now is oer 70 inactive members who just hang there.
   10:07 nixternal      htrsy ofrs
   10:07 nixternal      great idea LOL
   10:07 nixternal      fingers weren't home
   10:08 jenda          Now if someone joins, I don't want to go hunting them down to ask them if they really mean it.
   10:08 jenda          I'll just give them a month long membership and if they show up during that month - it gets renewed.
   10:08 _sara          makes sense
   10:08 matthewrevell  jenda: Does the renewal happen automatically, somehow?
   10:08 nixternal      +1
   10:09 jenda          Now a year is a very long time, so I think it's reasonable in order to prevent corpse stacking.
   10:09 _sara          +1
   10:09 jenda          matthewrevell: no, admins do that.
   10:09 bimberi        jenda: "show up" meaning?
   10:09 matthewrevell  jenda: Nice phrase.
   10:09 ompaul         that relys on you knowing they are there - if spread generates interest you will have a full time job hitting renew
   10:09 dotwaffle      bimberi: presumably contribute
   10:09 jenda          yes
   10:09 jenda          in some way
   10:09 matthewrevell  dotwaffle: Who defines a contribution?
   10:09 jenda          I don't think membership is a status of any sort
   10:10 jenda          it's only there to inform who works and who doesn't
   10:10 dotwaffle      matthewrevell: how about "something other than mindless chatter and idling"?
   10:10 bimberi        matthewrevell: exactly (again :) )
   10:10 jenda          matthewrevell: it's not defined, it is judged, by the admins of the team.
   10:10 _sara          How?
   10:10 jenda          if anyone disagrees with the decision of an admin, there are always places to complain
   10:10 matthewrevell  jenda: Well, it is defined, if only in the admin's brain sub-consciously :) My point, though, is that it's going to be difficult to know all and see all
   10:11 matthewrevell  jenda: Being practical, though, it sounds like a good idea.
   10:11 jenda          no one claims to do so.
   10:11 jenda          (see all)
   10:11 matthewrevell  +1
   10:11 matthewrevell  :)
   10:11 bimberi        actually it will encourage more communication - hopefully of quality
   10:12 jenda          I mean, if tikal tells me person A has shown up and written an article and wants to continue, it's a sure thing.
   10:12 jenda          Currently, the owner of the team is Corey Burger, and the two administrators are thechitowncubs and I
   10:12 matthewrevell  Cool, it sounds like a good way to avoid a meaningless list.
   10:12 _sara          ok, that way it works, more communication
   10:13 jenda          that seems to be rather arbitrary - so I think we'll adjust that with regard to activity within the team.
   10:13 jenda          OK
   10:13 jenda          done, next
   10:13 bimberi        aww, i want a countdown </kidding>
   10:13 matthewrevell  Contact point/interaction with Canonical.
   10:13 jenda          3
   10:13 jenda          2
   10:13 jenda          1
   10:13 jenda          done?
   10:13 jenda          :)
   10:14 bimberi        \o/
   10:14 jenda          er... I have "* How can we work with Ubuntu Weekly News and The Fridge?"
   10:14 matthewrevell  jenda: Oh, sorry, yes
   10:14 jenda          Ok... I guess this one waits for mgalvin
   10:14 jenda          Canonical
   10:14 matthewrevell  :)
   10:14 matthewrevell  Okay, Canonical is recruiting a Communications Manager
   10:15 matthewrevell  See ubuntu.com/employment
   10:15 nixternal      UWN- we can contribute our idea, a-jenda...but everyone should try to contribute to UWN
   10:15 matthewrevell  One responsibility is marketing
   10:15 jenda          So far, jane has been the only thing I needed of Canonical, and she is interested in our activity.
   10:15 nixternal      im bad, as i only check out the fridge for meeting times and dates
   10:15 matthewrevell  Jane will be passing this sort of thing over to the new Comms Manager though, AFAIK, on a day to day basis.
   10:15 jenda          Oh right, @UWN - we will be writing updates to it about the team activity. I took that as my responsibility for the start.
   10:16 jenda          matthewrevell: I know, I envy the foo that gets that job </ot>
   10:16 matthewrevell  jenda: Oh yeah, dream job mate :)
   10:16 matthewrevell  Jane, as you say, is really interested in what we're up to.
   10:17 jenda          I think that solves our canonical problems for now, don't youthink?
   10:17 jenda          Any remarks?
   10:17 matthewrevell  Well, I wasn't thinking so much aobut who ... more what.
   10:17 jenda          ah
   10:17 jenda          I think that will pop up as needed.
   10:17 matthewrevell  I just think we should have a think, and discuss another time, about how we work with our friends at the big C.
   10:18 jenda          I think we should first get the first projects up and then show them we mean it ;)
   10:18 Bilange        how about another contact point in case Jane not contactable?
   10:18 matthewrevell  jenda: Fair point :)
   10:18 Bilange        (backup contact, or something)
   10:18 matthewrevell  bimberi: I think this new Comms Manager will fulfil the role.
   10:18 jenda          Bilange: think it's necessary? she's the COO
   10:18 jenda          matthewrevell: +1
   10:18 jenda          anything else?
   10:18 jenda          3
   10:18 jenda          2
   10:18 jenda          1
   10:18 Bilange        COO?
   10:18 bimberi        matthewrevell: er, ok
   === jenda pokes the ones who fell asleep
   10:19 nixternal      chief operating officer
   10:19 jenda          ok... next?
   10:19 jenda          "How can we work with LoCoTeam teams to improve press coverage in non-English language media?"
   10:19 Bilange        nixternal, thanks :)
   10:19 matthewrevell  jenda: Now this is from Jane, so it nicely links up :)
   10:19 _sara          First, is ther ea list of Loco teams
   === nixternal can't help there..as i speak english, and not good i must say ;)
   10:19 bimberi        _sara: yes, on the wiki ...
   10:19 jenda          I have very good experience with working in open formats (svg is great) to allow easy translations.
   10:20 nixternal      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList
   10:20 dotwaffle      jenda: I think first we have to specifiy where are most important battlelines must be drawn - one certainly is in the far east, another in Germany/France, probably another in Scandinavia. I think the South Americas will sort themselves out...
   10:20 jenda          Let's discuss the general issue please
   10:20 bimberi        ah, thanks nixternal
   10:20 matthewrevell  I see our role here as largely support to the loco teams
   10:20 jenda          What do we want the LoCo teams to do, apart from translating the material?
   10:20 nixternal      notice the Ubuntu-Chicago ;)
   10:20 _sara          Maybe we just need to get in contact with them and figure out what they might need or want
   10:21 matthewrevell  jenda: Contact local press that Canonical and the wider Ubuntu community can't reach, either because of language barrier or because they don't know about those outlets.
   10:21 nixternal      there is a LoCoTeam mailing list
   10:21 dotwaffle      _sara: We need to give them guidelines too though, what they ought to be doin
   10:21 Bilange        train the LoCo members so _they_, too, promote ubuntu in their local area?
   10:21 Bilange        train or give the proper tools, whatever you see fit
   10:21 matthewrevell  Bilange: This is more specifically about contacting local media.
   10:21 dotwaffle      training is going to be hard, witht he physical barrier and all
   10:21 matthewrevell  Give support, rather than train
   10:22 bimberi        nixternal: no central one to my knowledge
   10:22 mindspin       there are definitely marketing/press activities in the several countries
   10:22 nixternal      there is one
   10:22 nixternal      i subscribe to the LoCo team list since I am in the process of creating #ubuntu-chicago
   10:22 jenda          bimberi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList
   10:22 jenda          oh, mailing list ;)
   10:22 jenda          yes there is.
   10:22 matthewrevell  So, shall we take this onto the mailing list? Basically, work out what we can offer them and perhaps establish a press contact for each country/language, similar to what gnome has
   10:23 bimberi        ah yes, loco-contacts
   10:23 jenda          OK, spreadubuntu is the source of DIY Marketing material
   10:23 _sara          yeah, we need to have  someone who speaks the language
   10:23 jenda          We want the LoCos to translate that material.
   10:23 mindspin       mailing list would be fine, I know some people here in germany who are on the list but not in the team
   10:23 nixternal      +1
   10:23 _sara          I think the transalationt eam would do that
   10:23 jenda          _sara: the LoCo's will provide that, we can't possible cater for all.
   10:23 _sara          I mean as a contact point
   10:23 jenda          I'm on the list, and am a member of the Czech LoCo team.
   10:24 matthewrevell  jenda: We want the locos to use the right material for the situation. It may be thta they produce material that feeds back into SpreadUbuntu.
   10:24 nixternal      i have spoken to other LoCo team leaders, and it seems they do a lot lf translation in their teams...so it might be a good idea to get them involved in translating it..unless we want to "hire" some translators ;)
   10:24 matthewrevell  But yes, SpreadUbuntu is a good place for this.
   10:24 jenda          matthewrevell: yes, but they don't do that specifically as loco teams (except perhaps testimonials)
   10:25 jenda          nixternal: we will hire from the locoteams - it is their interest and 'duty' to translate. Trust me ;)
   10:25 matthewrevell  Okay, I think we've got a general agreement that we like the idea. So let's flesh it out on the list.
   10:25 _sara          I am on the spanish translation team, and as far as I know we do all the spanish translation that ubuntu needs
   10:25 nixternal      jenda: +1
   10:25 jenda          matthewrevell: +1
   10:25 _sara          +1
   10:25 nixternal      +100
   10:25 jenda          :)
   10:25 jenda          done-doe
   10:25 jenda          Anything else regarding LoCo Teams?
   10:25 jenda          3
   10:25 jenda          2
   10:25 jenda          1
   10:26 jenda          splash
   10:26 jenda          * Decide how this affects the Marketing wiki pages.
   10:26 nixternal      wiki:   MarketingTeam <- main page...everything under it...i.e, MarketingTeam/Meetings....MarketingTeam/Members....stuff like that
   10:26 jenda          Agreed
   10:26 nixternal      +1
   10:26 dotwaffle      ++3
   10:26 jenda          the magazine and spreadubuntu have seperate pages
   10:26 nixternal      plus every other team does it that way ;)
   10:26 jenda          we'll fix that.
   10:26 matthewrevell  nixternal: Not so much structure, fo rhtis one. More: our pages are out of date, let's get em refreshed :)
   10:26 nixternal      yes jenda
   === matthewrevell volunteers to work on them
   10:26 jenda          matthewrevell: yep
   10:26 nixternal      yes matthewrevell...tis why i am on the wiki team
   10:26 nixternal      ;)
   10:26 jenda          I'll work on SU
   10:27 matthewrevell  Cool, next?
   10:27 matthewrevell  :)
   10:27 jenda          Now in this regard, i need to step back a bit.
   10:27 jenda          Project Leaders
   10:27 jenda          We forgot that.
   10:27 jenda          So...
   10:27 matthewrevell  ?
   10:27 jenda          do we want/need project leaders?
   === jenda says yes, we do.
   === nixternal thinks so
   === jenda prods the channel.
   10:28 matthewrevell  Hmmm ... yes, at the very least to champion each project.
   10:28 _sara          just for the sake of structure and organization
   10:28 Bilange        for the sake of spreading out the job, sure
   10:28 dotwaffle      I think jenda and matthewrevell know what they're doing, if we go for project leaders (and I suggest we do) then they would be my candidates of choice.
   10:28 _sara          definetly
   10:28 jenda          So - let me propose a project leader for the Ubuntu Magazine.
   10:28 jenda          Does anyone object to _sara leading it?
   10:28 nixternal      welll...there would be more then 2 projects..hence more then 2 project leaders
   10:28 bimberi        _sara: seems the natural choice from this meeting
   10:28 jenda          Does _sara want to lead the Ubuntu Magazine?
   10:29 nixternal      jenda: sara should lead it..she has been doing a hell of a job
   10:29 _sara          ok,
   10:29 nixternal      she motivates us ;)
   10:29 matthewrevell  _sara +1
   10:29 nixternal      +1
   10:29 jenda          Any objections can be brougt up later :)
   10:30 jenda          Till the end of the meeting ;)
   10:30 dotwaffle      how much is there left togo?
   10:30 jenda          _sara: You do have the CoC signed, right?
   10:30 jenda          dotwaffle: a bit
   10:30 nixternal      we need to work on creating projects b4 we talk about leaders though...but yes, for projects already created appoint away
   10:30 _sara          what is the CoC
   10:30 jenda          Code of Conduct
   10:30 mindspin       !coc
   10:30 _sara          not yet
   10:30 jenda          _sara: we can go through that after the meeting.
   === digitalmouse realizes he missed most of the meeting :(
   10:30 _sara          ok
   10:30 jenda          You will need to sign the CoC ;)
   10:30 ompaul         The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/
   === jenda pets ompaul, the ubotu of this meeting ;)
   10:31 matthewrevell  SpreadUbuntu has got to be Jenda, I'd say. I imagine the previous person running the SU side of things isn't returning
   10:31 ompaul         _sara, if your stuck signing it, contact me - on irc or ompaul @ ubuntu dot com and I will give you a dig out
   10:31 GazzaK         but to sign it you need a key, but this key is difficult to get if you know no other linux users/geeks :-(
   10:31 _sara          i got a key recently
   10:31 jenda          GazzaK: it doesn't have to be signed
   10:31 ompaul         GazzaK, same again
   10:32 nixternal      gpg --gen-key
   === jenda 's key isn't signed.
   === digitalmouse quickly updates himself regarding the magazine topic
   10:32 nixternal      follow along
   10:32 jenda          let's move along
   10:32 jenda          I'm willing to lead Spreadubuntu.
   10:32 jenda          Any objections?
   10:32 jenda          :)
   10:32 ompaul         nixternal, this aint the place - keys don't have to be signed -
   10:32 matthewrevell  jenda: None here
   10:32 mindspin       nope
   10:32 ompaul         but the CoC does have to be
   10:32 Bilange        This whole key stuff is confusing me alot-- is there some background info about how this stuff works (and why this is important)?
   10:32 nixternal      didn't say they have to...just lettin' um know how to create a key
   10:32 jenda          Bilange: not here, not now
   10:32 ompaul         Bilange, contat me after this
   10:32 Bilange        ompaul, okay
   10:32 ompaul         I'll take anyone through it
   10:33 matthewrevell  All agreed Jenda to lead SU?
   10:33 nixternal      plug gpg --gen-key doesn't get a key signed
   10:33 nixternal      +1 on jenda
   10:33 jenda          OK...
   10:33 _sara          +1
   10:33 ompaul         nixternal, its the CoC that gets signed - please leave it
   10:33 bimberi        +1 jenda
   10:33 jenda          Now - we have avoided the Media Project
   10:33 _sara          Media Project?
   10:33 jenda          matthewrevell?
   10:33 matthewrevell  Have we?
   10:33 mindspin       yup
   10:33 mindspin       we have
   10:33 ompaul         jenda, you have taken 1.5 hours to get this far :-)
   10:34 jenda          _sara: The admin of ubuntupeople has closed down the project without notice - matthewrevell might know more.
   === dotwaffle perks up to "Media Project"
   === jenda is hoping matthewrevell is writing a long one ;)
   10:34 matthewrevell  I'd like to set up a project that supports the Ubuntu community, and canonical where appropriate, it dealing with the media. Details are on the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PressTeam ... not a team really, but a project of MT
   10:34 matthewrevell  jenda: long enough dude? :-D
   10:35 jenda          perfect
   10:35 ompaul         a sub team of
   10:35 matthewrevell  Jane has expressed interested, as have a few people. I say we take it onto the ML to flesh it out.
   10:35 jenda          yes, matthewrevell are you happy with coining it the Media Project? (as opposed to the Press Team)
   10:35 mindspin       I'd like to join, I do part-time PR here
   10:35 matthewrevell  jenda: Yeah, sounds good.
   10:35 matthewrevell  mindspin: Love to have you :)
   10:36 matthewrevell  jenda: Name can be thrashed out, if necessary, in ML
   10:36 nixternal      move it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/MediaProject ???
   10:36 dotwaffle      Media Relations Project? otherwise it sounds like we're making a video podcast...
   10:36 jenda          OK... since most haven't read the wiki, there's no point in discussing further. I propose matthewrevell as the leader of that.
   10:36 bimberi        "library of ready-made press releases" - great!
   10:36 dotwaffle      matthewrevell.support++
   10:36 Bilange        dotwaffle, +1
   10:36 mindspin       +1
   10:36 bimberi        +1
   10:36 jenda          agreed
   10:37 matthewrevell  Cool.
   10:37 jenda          the MRP ;)
   10:37 jenda          OK, topic close
   10:37 jenda          d
   10:37 dotwaffle      How about dotwaffle's band of media brothers - I like that even more ;)
   10:37 jenda          One more thing - does the Marketing Team need a leader?
   === digitalmouse is reminded of Dungeons and Dragons with all these +1s
   10:37 dotwaffle      It needs a point of contact for Jane etc.
   10:37 jenda          I believe previous experiences point to: no
   10:37 matthewrevell  jenda: Yes.
   10:37 dotwaffle      Not a leader, but a point of contact, certainly - I think
   10:38 matthewrevell  I'd say you're the obvious choice, but perhaps we should put this to the ML as it's the biggest decision.
   10:38 Bilange        maybe leader isnt the right word for that position... "central point" maybe?
   10:38 jenda          I can act as the contact for the MT - I have for at least two months now.
   10:38 ompaul         it is called Contact Point
   === jenda votes for a mailing list discussion.
   10:38 dotwaffle      contact_point.jenda.support++
   10:38 matthewrevell  +1
   === mindspin agrees with jenda
   10:39 Bilange        ++ (+1 for the non programmers :P)
   10:39 jenda          matthewrevell: will you take that one on your shoulders?
   10:39 jenda          Bilange: ah :)
   10:39 matthewrevell  jenda: I'll raise it on the list tomorrow.
   10:39 jenda          thanks
   10:39 matthewrevell  np
   10:39 dotwaffle      there are non-coders on here? shoo, shoo =)
   === dotwaffle looks nervously.
   === jenda kicks dotwaffle
   10:39 matthewrevell  Okaay, let's get wrapped up, I want to see my wife at some point today :)
   10:39 digitalmouse   I realize I am a bit late in adding my 2 cents, but I was a part of the early forum discussion and with the original poster had started on a CMS/template design for the magazine (a combination website/pdf download).  I would still like to contribute to the development of the website, as well as offer up my skills for pdf production (my background includes desktop publishing), and authoring the occasional article.
   10:39 Bilange        dotwaffle, im not :)
   10:39 jenda          matthewrevell: forget it ;)
   10:40 dotwaffle      Bilange: Neither am I, raelly ;)
   10:40 matthewrevell  digitalmouse: Let's take specifics to the ML or a magazine meeting
   10:40 jenda          digitalmouse: _sara is the leader of the Mag now, and there will probably soon be a Mag meeting.
   10:40 digitalmouse   I thought the mag was to be discussed here? (I notice it was earlier)...   but, as you wish.
   10:40 jenda          OK, case closed?
   10:40 matthewrevell  yup
   10:40 jenda          3
   10:40 jenda          2
   10:40 jenda          1
   10:40 jenda          closed.
   10:41 jenda          * Mailing list moderator(s) required to take strain from Jane Silber.
   10:41 jenda          I propose each project leader to be a moderator.
   10:41 ompaul         there is no moderator
   10:41 jenda          administrator, then.
   10:41 ompaul         that implies censorship
   10:41 bimberi        spam-filterer
   === sara_ [n=sara@pool-70-106-108-73.pskn.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   10:41 matthewrevell  ompaul: Well, it is censoring spam :)
   10:41 ompaul         hehe
   10:41 digitalmouse   politician then? :-p
   10:42 jenda          sara_: that's a much more tab-completion friendly nick. THanks ;)
   10:42 bimberi        eww
   10:42 jenda          opinions, suggestions, volunteers, please ;)
   10:42 matthewrevell  Okay, shall we see how it goes with project leads? Our friendly contact point can raise it with silbs.
   10:42 sara_          sorry I got disconeected so I don't knwo where we are?
   10:42 jenda          mekeke
   10:42 jenda          noted
   10:42 Bilange        (jenda, there was only one nick with _ as the first character, hence faster to complete.. I liked _sara more)
   10:43 jenda          Bilange: but I don't type _ as often, so it's more diff. ;)
   10:43 matthewrevell  Objections?
   10:43 digitalmouse   as I mentioned before, as well as in the original forum thread, I'll volunteer for some mag-related duties since I've already started on CMS development and PDF generation
   10:43 sara_          I haven't seen you pdf stuff. Do you have  sample?
   10:44 matthewrevell  Everyone happy to clos ethis one?>
   10:44 jenda          OK folks
   10:44 sara_          +1
   10:44 jenda          this topic is closed as well.
   10:44 jenda          3
   10:44 jenda          2
   10:44 jenda          1
   10:44 jenda          done
   10:45 digitalmouse   mostly my work is programming pdf-generation code that is pulled from database sources, but I believe I still have some desktop-publishing content that was converted to PDF... will have to dig up the old CD archive for that
   10:45 matthewrevell  Excellent :) You can tell it's been a good first meeting as we've all come away with far more to do :)
   === bimberi wonders if anything was decided then
   10:45 jenda          Now, since that was the last topic on the a-jenda, I'd like to thank you all for coming - and wish you a good night!

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